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Instruments to Detect Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults

Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly

Administration Method: 
"Or' rule: If either test (MMSE, IQCODE) is positive for dementia; "And" rule: If both tests are positive for dementia; "Weighted sum" rule: Probability of dementia calculated using sum of test scores weighted by their coefficients from logistic regression (210); 26 items (110); Questions were given to caretaker or patient (72). The IQCODE originated as an interview in which the informant was asked to rate the subject’'s improvement or decline in 26 aspects of memory and intelligence over a 10-year period. (320)
Administration Time: 
10-12 min (126); 13-24 min (110)
Level of Expertise to Administer: 
Family member (320)
Measures Change Over Time: 
Target Age Range: 
60 or older (72): with Alzheimer's disease, 69 (SD 9 yrs); with vascular dementia, 70 (SD 9 yrs); no dementia, 65 (SD 10 yrs) (210). Normal: 71.23 (SD 6.38 yrs); dementia:74.52 (SD 7.22 yrs) (159). 69 yrs, 73 yrs, 73 yrs, 75 yrs, 74 yrs, 75 yrs (110). 69 (SD 14.4 yrs) (158).
Education Level Required to Understand Test: 
Special Population Samples: 


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