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Instruments to Detect Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults

7-Minute Screen

Administration Method: 
Computerized version, which uses an Excel file (by Meulen)
Administration Time: 
7-12 (32); Mean time: 12.4 (SD 4.6 min) (222); 7-15 min (126)
Level of Expertise to Administer: 
Trained interviewers gave test to participant. Scored by research assistants (111), clinician (222), geriatric psychologist, geriatrician (94)
Measures Change Over Time: 
Target Age Range: 
Control- 74.56 (SD 6.63 yrs); Intact- 69.69 (SD 13.38 yrs); MCI- 74.6 (SD 9.52 yrs); AD- 77.46 (SD 8.1 yrs); VD- 78.79 (SD 6.51 yrs); DLB- 78.94 (SD 7.92 yrs); Subcortical- 77.33 (SD 8.38 yrs); Other dem- 75.9 (SD 8.44 yrs); Depression- 75.74 (SD 10.98 yrs); Other cond- 70.6 (SD 10.53 yrs) (222) Low-risk participants: 65.4 (SD 9.4 yrs); High-risk participants: 69.2 (SD 11.5 yrs) (115) ND: 75.8 (SD 4.6); Mild dementia: 78.5 (SD 5.2 yrs) (102) 75 or older (111); 65-93 (127) Mean Age of Patients: 76, 78, 79; Controls 75, 78, 76 (32) 62 (IQR 53.5-77) (94)
Education Level Required to Understand Test: 
Special Population Samples: 
No information identified


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