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Don’t wait! Apply for the Butler-Williams Scholars program today

Are you a post-doc looking for training in aging research? Are you an established researcher who’s new to the area of aging research? Are you junior faculty interested in expanding your career options? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should apply for the 2017 NIA Butler-Williams Scholars Program.

Apply now, find out more about the Butler-Williams Scholars training program

The Butler-Williams Scholars Program provides unique opportunities for junior faculty and researchers who are new to the field of aging to gain insight about research on aging from a number of perspectives. I invite you, if you are one of those researchers, to apply to the program. This year’s Butler-Williams Scholars Program takes place on July 25-29 on the NIH campus in Bethesda, MD. The application deadline is March 25.

Apply now for NIA’s Summer Training in Aging Research program

Each summer, NIA’s Intramural Research Program opens its lab doors to students for an 8- to 10-week intensive research experience. The Summer Training in Aging Research (STAR) Program is an opportunity for bright and motivated students to move beyond replicating standard protocols in school labs. It’s much more than just pouring gels and inputting data; it’s an unparalleled experience that can change or solidify your career trajectory. I invite you to join us.

Opportunities for new investigators

This year’s Butler-Williams Scholars Program will take place next week on the NIH campus. Recently, NIA Director Dr. Richard Hodes described to the Friends of the NIA why it’s so important to encourage new and early-stage investigators’ interests in aging research and explained some of the opportunities that we are providing new investigators.

Webinar features overview of grants process

You have a burning idea about aging. Now you need the funding for it. What do you do? Or, you once sent an application through the inscrutable machinery of You even retrieved reviews after an eternity of waiting. And now, apart from burying the reviews in several feet of dirt where they will be of most use, you have no idea what your next move is. We may have the answer for you.

Summer training in aging research—now accepting applications

Do you know a high school, college, graduate or medical/dental student interested in biomedical research? Perhaps s/he is looking for an internship to help inform her/his career path. How about recommending the student come work for a summer at the National Institute on Aging? Each summer, NIA’s Intramural Research Program opens its lab doors for an 8 to 10-week intensive research experience.

Diversity training and health disparities research at the NIA

We are celebrating some diversity landmarks at the National Institutes of Health! Late last year, more than $31 million was awarded to academic institutions to develop and test strategies that address the racial diversity of the United States biomedical workforce. As we highlight these critical efforts, I want to use this space to discuss them in relation to health disparities research.