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Help shape the future of dementia home- and community-based services

How to get involved in a new network to support community-based dementia services research

Register today for the 2023 Dementia Care and Caregiving Research Summit!

Registration is now open for the 2023 Dementia Care and Caregiving Research Summit, to be held virtually March 20-22.

Research Continuity and Retention Supplements: Supporting early-career investigators during critical life events

Important updates on the NIH Research Continuity and Retention Supplement program, which can help early-career investigators during crucial life junctures.

Help provide input for the 2023 Dementia Care and Caregiving Research Summit

As we plan for the 2023 NIH National Research Summit on Care, Services, and Supports for Persons Living with Dementia and their Caregivers/Care Partners, we have released a request for information to invite comments and suggestions on key programmatic areas, scientific progress, and unmet research needs.

Using data to improve nursing home clinical care

Check out a new data resource to improve care for persons living with dementia in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

Pragmatic clinical trials: An update on NIA-funded real-world research to improve patient care

Learn about our latest projects and new funding opportunities in pragmatic clinical trials, which enable researchers to identify and test interventions in real-world situations and settings.

NIA support for dementia care research: Taking stock of the evidence

This project of identifying and evaluating evidence from the NASEM and AHRQ reports on care interventions is now complete, and NIA and other stakeholders have valuable information to guide the next steps.

AGS 2021: Connect with cutting-edge research, care strategies, and colleagues!

Join us online for the 2021 American Geriatrics Society scientific meeting, featuring key sessions for early-career and established researchers!

IMPACT Collaboratory offers growing support for real-world dementia care innovators

The IMPACT Collaboratory offers several new funding opportunities for embedded pragmatic clinical trials designed to push beyond the limits of traditional trials to improve quality of life for people living with AD/ADRD and those who care for them.

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