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Passionate about the science of aging? Consider NIA’s career opportunities!

Dr. Richard Hodes
Richard J. HODES,
Office of the Director (OD)

As a result of robust congressional support for NIA, the institute has grown to have the third-largest budget of the 27 NIH institutes and centers. Today I am happy to report that we are ramping up our workforce as well through a range of new opportunities described on our careers page.

I’ve been fortunate to lead NIA for nearly 30 years and it continues to be a most stimulating environment marked by active and collegial interactions with exceptionally talented staff. NIA has attracted top-caliber talent to tackle some of the toughest challenges in science and medicine: how to maintain health, function, and well-being in older age.

Curious minds wanted

We are recruiting for program officers and health specialists across our extramural research divisions. We are also seeking Intramural Research Program (IRP) scientists and postdoctoral fellows, including those for NIH’s new IRP Center for Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias.

A significant surge in our scientific workforce staff will help NIA expand our portfolios and address evolving gaps in aging research. The sheer breadth of these staffing opportunities hints at the vast potential for innovation and discoveries in important subdisciplines such as immunology, the microbiome, health economics, digital health technologies, neurobiology, neurogenetics, prevention/treatment of multiple age-related chronic conditions, and global health. We look forward to recruiting skilled and dedicated colleagues who will help us dive deeper into so many exciting topics.

Diversity makes science stronger

As has long been our commitment, NIA remains dedicated to increasing diversity in the scientific workforce. We recognize that enhanced commitment to this goal will help enable us to realize our full potential in fulfilling our mission to improve the health of the nation’s diverse population. Thus, we will continue to recruit with an eye on equitable representation of people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds; gender identities; ages; and socioeconomic, geographic, and disability status. NIA also supports early-stage and mid-career scientists through a culture of mentorship, and we offer flexibilities that enable a positive work/life balance.

We look forward to what’s next

NIA and our colleagues at the broader NIH are on the cusp of so many breakthroughs that could extend our healthy and active years as we age. If you’re fascinated by the wealth of possibilities ahead, we urge you to apply today!

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