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Welcome to NIA's new blog

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NIA Blog Team

I’m excited to announce something new for researchers. Inside NIA, our new blog, begins with this post. If you are a grantee, applicant, trainee, or anyone else in the scientific and advocacy communities please read and share it. Comment freely when an issue grabs you. Let it be your blog, too.

We plan to cover a range of useful topics:

  • grantsmanship tips
  • NIA funding policy
  • data on past and future funding
  • research priorities and news
  • emerging concerns and misconceptions
  • meetings and event announcements

Sequestration happens and NIA starts a blog! Coincidence? You be the judge! But this really is a critical time to share what is happening in terms of funding policies, research priorities, and new programs. We believe that it’s especially important now to be open and transparent. Through the blog, you will know what we know when we know it and you can even comment on it, too!

I hope we’ll spark some interesting conversation. We’re planning to post approximately once a week. I’ll write some of the posts, and will be joined by others from the NIA as times and topics warrant. My next post will discuss the recently released NIA 2013 funding policy. You can read more about what we plan to post and what we’re hoping to accomplish over at About This Blog.

Please take a moment now to subscribe. Sign up to get an email notice about new blog posts. Or, add us to your RSS reader. You can always unsubscribe, but why would you? We promise not to be annoying.

We do need your help to get the blog off to a good start. Comment below, and tell me the topics that would be most interesting or helpful to you.

We review comments before they are published, but we will be as fast about it as we possibly can. It’s all described in our comment policy. And yes, you can comment on the comment policy.

So it’s your turn: what kind of information would you find most useful from the NIA?

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