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Dr. Rosaly Correo-de-Araujo
Senior Scientific Advisor to the Director,
Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology (DGCG)

Advancing Alzheimer’s and related dementias research: FY 2022 NIH bypass budget and progress report

The annual NIH Professional Judgment Budget for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias is out! Read it to learn more about how NIH investments have led to new science advances, then apply for funding opportunities to help us meet our goals for future research progress.
Dr. Richard Hodes
Richard J. HODES,
Office of the Director (OD)

AAIC goes virtual this year: Watch for NIA online!

The 2020 annual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) is free and online this year and runs July 27-31. There's still time to register and join NIA staff and researchers, clinicians, and advocates from around the world to share discoveries and new strategies to advance research on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.
Eliezer Masliah
Eliezer MASLIAH,
Division of Neuroscience (DN)

Data harmonization and sharing are essential for COVID-19 research

Doing research to fight the COVID-19 pandemic but frustrated by the flood of data available? NIH has tools and funding opportunities to harmonize and share data resources to help investigators effectively counter the virus’ economic, social, and health impact.
Lis Nielsen
Division Director,
Division of Behavioral and Social Research (DBSR)
Dr. Ken Santora
Kenneth SANTORA,
Director, DEA, NIA,
Division of Extramural Activities (DEA)

New chance to advance inclusion of all ages in research

In 2017, the NIH held its first Inclusion Across the Lifespan workshop to examine the importance of including various populations in clinical studies, particularly children and older adults. We are pleased to announce a follow-up virtual workshop, Inclusion Across the Lifespan-II (IAL-II), coming up Sept. 2, 2020.
Jaron Lockett
Health Science Policy Analyst ,
Office of Planning, Analysis, and Evaluation (OPAE)

A summit virtual meeting series to engage the dementia care community

Are you passionate about caregiving and other services for people with dementia? Join us online this summer for the Dementia Care, Caregiving, and Services Research Summit Virtual Meeting Series!
Elena Fazio
Elena FAZIO,
Health Scientist Administrator,
Division of Behavioral and Social Research (DBSR)
Picture of Jessica Boten
Jessica BOTEN,
Social Science Analyst,
Division of Behavioral and Social Research (DBSR)

Beyond smart phones: Applying sensors and devices for healthier aging

Older adults’ increased use of smart devices present opportunities for data for researchers for precision medicine. Learn more about NIA’s recent neurotechnology workshop and apply now for funding in this fast-growing field!
Yuan Luo
Yuan LUO,
Program Director,
Division of Neuroscience (DN)
Erika Tarver
Erika Tarver,
Division of Neuroscience (DN).

NIA’s Strategic Directions: Priorities for continued progress

NIA’s Strategic Directions document for 2020-2025 is now available. It provides a point of reference for setting future priorities and a framework for systematically analyzing the institute’s scientific portfolio and assessing progress. For researchers, it clearly signals NIA’s scientific priority areas within the rapidly evolving field of aging research.
Kate Nagy
Kate NAGY,
Deputy Director, Office of Planning, Analysis, and Evaluation,
Office of Planning, Analysis, and Evaluation (OPAE)