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Blog post - women of color and career advancement

July 16, 2014

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Women of color continue to face many challenges in science. Too often, they experience covert or overt racism and sexism in science classrooms and in research workplaces. In a new blog post, Marie Bernard, Deputy Director at the National Institute on Aging, relates how her own experiences encouraged her to get involved in the Women of Color Research Network at NIH.

“WoCRn stimulates the kinds of support that made the difference in my career,” Bernard says, “It goes further, not only providing the opportunity to connect with mentors and peers, but also making resources readily known that may assist with career advancement.” WoCRN is for women of color in research, for people mentoring these women, and for people who value diversity in science, and Dr. Bernard encourages scientists to consider joining.

Read the full blog post: Join the Women of Color Research Network

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