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Recent NIA Grants (as of 6/2014)

June 3, 2014

Here are some of the latest NIH postings of grants awarded to expand the study of aging. They cover such diverse areas as mechanisms of cerebral artery dysfunction with aging, analysis of long-term care in America, improving medication safety for nursing home residents, and examining neuropsychiatric symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

This list includes new and competing grants for FY 2014 awarded by NIA between October 1, 2013 and April 30, 2014, and posted in the NIH Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool (RePORT) as of May 30, 2014. Click on the title below to go to a description of the project.

Project Number Contact PI / Project Leader Project Title Division
1R01AG047373-01 Aging; Gender and Arterial Stiffness in Atherosclerosis Assoian, Richard DAB
1R43AG04702001 Microfluidic Screening Devices for Health-Span Extending Drugs Banse, Stephen Andrew DAB
1K99AG047198-01 Impact of Aging on Calcium and Electrical Signaling in Microvascular Endothelium Behringer, Erik Josef DAB
1R03AG046769-01A1 Metabolic Mechanisms of Amino Acid-Mediated Lifespan Extension in C. Elegans Bradshaw, Patrick Christopher DAB
1R13AG047703-01 12th and 13th International Symposia on Neurobiology and Neuroendocrinology of Ag Brown-Borg, Holly M. DAB
1R13AG047009-01 43rd Annual Meeting of the American Aging Association Buffenstein, Rochelle DAB
1K02AG04533901A1 Amelioration of Aged Endothelial Dysfunction by NAMPT and Caloric Restriction Donato, Anthony John DAB
1R01AG04719201 Development of a New Therapeutic Approach for Prelamin A Diseases Fong, Loren Gi DAB
1R13AG04776701 2014 Thiol-Based Redox Regulation & Signaling GRC and GRS Furdui, Cristina DAB
1F31AG047784-01 Mitochondria-Targeted Antioxidant Therapy in Age-Related Arterial Stiffness Gioscia-Ryan, Rachel DAB
2R01AG021518-12 Methionine Sulfoxide Reduction; Selenium and Aging Gladyshev, Vadim N. DAB
1P01AG047200-01 Comparative Genomes of Longevity Gorbunova, Vera DAB
1R13AG04703301 Biology of Aging Sessions at Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Soci Harootyan, Linda Krogh DAB
2R01AG01692716 The Role of Akt in Cell Survival and Cell Growth Hay, Nissim DAB
1R01AG04535101A1 Novel SIRT5 Enzymatic Activity Regulates Cellular Mechanisms of Aging and Disease Hirschey, Matthew D. DAB
1R01AG045036-01A1 Nutritional and Epigenetic Priming of Metabolism and Aging in Drosophila Ja, William W. DAB
1R21AG046799-01A1 Investigation of Developmental Peroxide Generation as an Important Lifespan-Deter Jakob, Ursula H. DAB
1K01AG04443501A1 Identifying Targets of the Piwi/PiRNA Pathway in Stem Cells Juliano, Celina DAB
2R01AG01181621 Genetic Analysis of Aging in C. Elegans Kenyon, Cynthia J. DAB
2R01AG03243506 Signals from the Reproductive System that Regulate Aging in C. Elegans Kenyon, Cynthia J. DAB
1K99AG045288-01A1 Role of S6 Kinase 2 in Aging Laberge, Remi-Martin DAB
4R00AG04176503 The in vivo Regulation of Glucose Homeostasis and Lifespan by mTORC2 Lamming, Dudley William DAB
1K99AG04520001A1 Conserved Longevity Mechanisms of the Hypoxic Response Pathway Leiser, Scott F. DAB
2R01AG029631-06A1 Pharmacology of Lifespan Extension Lithgow, Gordon J. DAB
1R21AG045753-01A1 Linking the Mitochondrial and Epigenetic Pathways of Life Span Extension Lu, Bingwei DAB
1F31AG047795-01 Regulation of Yeast Chronological Lifespan During Growth in High Calorie Media McCleary, David F. DAB
1R43AG047020-01 Microfluidic Screening Devices for Health-Span Extending Drugs McCormick, Kathryn E. DAB
1K99AG04534101A1 Causes and Consequences of Lifespan Biomarker Variation in Caenorhabditis Elegans Mendenhall, Alexander Richard DAB
1F32AG04702401A1 Genetic Dissection of Natural Variation in Caloric Restriction-Induced Cellular L Nelson, Christopher DAB
1R21AG045734-01A1 Longevity Extension and Immune Function in Aging Nikolich-Zugich, Janko DAB
1K99AG04725501 TBONE and Phosphonates in Mineralization during Aging Peterson, Timothy DAB
4R00AG04248703 Discover Determinants of Individual Longevity and Health In C. Elegans Pincus, Zachary DAB
1R01AG045044-01A1 Effects of Aging and HIV Infection on the Response to Pneumococcal Vaccine Pirofski, Liise-Anne DAB
1R21AG047561-01 A 'Mitochondria-Nucleus-Ribosome' Signaling Axis Controls Lifespan in Mit Mutants Rea, Shane DAB
1R43AG04220801A1 Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide for the Treatment of Female Sexual Arousal Disorder Reichstetter, Sandra et al. DAB
2R01AG023039-12 Redox Regulation in Myocardial Disease Sadoshima, Junichi DAB
1R01AG045223-01A1 MHC Class II-Restricted Immune Response in Immunosenescence Santambrogio, Laura DAB
4R37AG016694-16 Effectors of Cellular Senescence States Sedivy, John M. DAB
1R01AG04632001 Regulation of Genome Stability by SIRT6 Seluanov, Andrei DAB
2R01AG03392111 MicroRNA Mediators of Stress, Dietary Restriction and Aging Slack, Frank J. DAB
1R13AG04700701 CSHL 2014 Molecular Chaperones & Stress Response Conference Stewart, David J. DAB
1R13AG04772901 CSHL Molecular Genetics of Aging Conference Stewart, David J. DAB
1F31AG04603101A1 Multimodal Imaging of TBRII-Driven Phenotypes in Mouse Models of Osteoarthritis Temple, Joseph D. DAB
1R03AG04711701 Shift Work and Longevity in Disease-Prone Inbred Mice Toth, Linda A DAB
1K01AG04632601 Novel Mechanisms for Cerebral Artery Dysfunction with Aging Walker, Ashley Elizabeth DAB
2R01AG03186706 IBMPFD Mutations Impair Protein Degradation Weihl, Conrad C. DAB
1K01AG04643201 Depressing Nrip1 Reduces IGF1 Signaling Improves Metabolism and Extends Longevity Yuan, Rong DAB
1R03AG04660501A1 Identify Genetic Mechanisms that Regulate Female Sexual Maturation Yuan, Rong DAB
1R21AG045440-01A1 A New Approach to Homeostatic Maintenance of Dendritic Epidermal T Cells Zhuang, Yuan DAB
1R21AG04676001 Vitality Theory for Biodemography Anderson, James Jay DBSR
1F31AG04704801A1 Neural Mechanisms Underlying Enhanced Memory for Valuable Items in Healthy Aging Cohen, Michael Stewart DBSR
2R44AG04154002A1 Caregiver Smarttools - Improving Medication Management for the Elderly Deitz, Diane K. DBSR
1R01AG043544-01A1 Childhood Misfortune and Adult Health among Black; White and Hispanic Americans Ferraro, Kenneth F. DBSR
1R01AG04716701 Measurement Error in Population Health Inequity Research Using Novel Biomeasures Geronimus, Arline T. DBSR
1R03AG04461001A1 Effect of Genetics on Reward Learning and Generalization of Associations in Aging Gluck, Mark A. DBSR
1K01AG04443901A1 A Human Factors Approach to Support Older Chronically Ill Patients' Home Care Holden, Richard J. DBSR
1R36AG04364701A1 The Influence of Care Preferences on Patient Outcomes in a Multiracial/Multiethni Laguna, Jeffrey Ryan DBSR
1K01AG04341701A1 How Does Marriage Get Under the Skin? An Integrative Social and Biological Approa Liu, Hui DBSR
4R44AG04412002 Remote-Access Data Enclave for HRS/PSID Analysis Macurdy, Thomas DBSR
1R01AG04342501A1 A Computational Neuroscience Approach to Frontal Compensation in Decision-Making Maddox, W. Todd Todd DBSR
2P01AG02729606A1 Changing Long-Term Care in America: Policies, Markets, Strategies and Outcomes Mor, Vincent DBSR
1R01AG045231-01A1 Personality and Health in Later Life: Psychosocial and Biological Mechanisms Oltmanns, Thomas DBSR
1K01AG04728001 Life Course Contexts and Work - Quantifying Impacts on Aging and Chronic Disease Rehkopf, David H. DBSR
1R43AG04695101 Mobile Older Driver Assessment and Training Simulator (Modats) Rosenthal, Theodore J. DBSR
1K08AG04442801A1 Defining the Impact of Injuries in the Elderly Staudenmayer, Kristan Lea DBSR
1R01AG04240701A1 Age Effects in Self-Reports: Answering Questions and Using Response Scales Stone, Arthur A. DBSR
2R13AG02303311 Emerging Issues in Minority Aging Research Wallace, Steven Paul DBSR
1R21AG047102-01 Understanding Racial and Geographic Disparities in Hospital Observation Care Wright, David Bradley DBSR
1R01AG04686001 Genetics of Changes in Population Pyramids: Implications for Health Forecasting Yashin, Anatoliy I. DBSR
1R01AG04503201A1 Treatment to Reduce Inflammation and Improve Immune Recovery among Older HIV Pts Baker, Jason V. DGCG
1R41AG04702101 Assessing Muscle Health in Older Adults with Electrical Impedance Myography Bohorquez, Jose Luis DGCG
1K01AG04443301A1 Improving Medication Safety for Nursing Home Residents Prescribed Psychotropic Dr Boyce, Richard DGCG
1R13AG04701001 First Congress of Urologic Research and Education on Aging Underactive Bladder Diokno, Ananias C. DGCG
1R01AG04442501A1 Optimizing Treatment for Nursing Home Residents with Acute Cholecystitis Finlayson, Emily DGCG
1R01AG04789401A1 A Behavioral Slow-Breathing Exercise Program for Female Overactive Bladder Huang, Alison DGCG
1R21AG047175-01 Comparative Effectiveness of Treatment Regimens in Lung Cancer Lamont, Elizabeth B. DGCG
1R21AG04683901 In-Hospital Antipsychotic Use among Elderly Patients Discharged to Nursing Homes Lapane, Kate L. DGCG
1K01AG04350101A1 Frailty and Adverse Health Outcomes of Aging in Older Adults with Kidney Failure McAdams DeMarco, Mara A. DGCG
4R44AG03472202 Nutritional Intervention for Age-Related Muscular Function and Strength Losses Rathmacher, John A. DGCG
1U13AG04700801 Integration of Geriatrics Principles into the Care of Older Adults with Cardiovas Rich, Michael W. DGCG
1R21AG04657101 Association of Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) with Incident Fractures in Older Men Schousboe, John T. DGCG
1K23AG04443101A1 Optimizing Measures of Subjective and Objective Decline in Preclinical AD Amariglio, Rebecca DN
2P50AG03351406 Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center Asthana, Sanjay DN
1K99AG04444501A1 Involvement of Myelin Integrity in Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis Bachstetter, Adam D. DN
1K01AG04121101A1 Quantitative MR Microscopy of Phenotypic Biomarkers in Alzheimer's Disease Badea, Alexandra DN
1R21AG046711-01 Seeded Models of AD Pathology Borchelt, David R. DN
1F31AG04608701A1 Regulation of Gamma-Secretase by Substrate Inhibitory Domains Brandes, Alissa Helene DN
1K23AG04444001A1 Evaluating the Adverse Cognitive Effects of Medications Campbell, Noll L. DN
1R13AG04605101A1 Annual Symposium of the Colorado Alphaherpesvirus Latency Society Cohrs, Randall J. DN
1F32AG04607301A1 Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease Corona, Angela Wynne DN
1R21AG04471201A1 Tangle Propagation in Preclinical AD Counts, Scott E. DN
4R37AG01109921 Epidemiology of Age-Related Hearing Loss Cruickshanks, Karen J. DN
1R01AG04577501A1 Translating CD33 Genetic Mechanism into a Novel Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Estus, Steven DN
1K01AG04449001A1 Peripheral & Brain Cholesterol Metabolism in Neurodegenerative Mouse Models Fitz, Nicholas Francis DN
1K01AG04534401A1 Age-Related Changes in the Neural Stem Cells of the Olfactory Epithelium Fletcher, Russell B. DN
2P50AG00513131 UCSD Alzheimer's Disease Research Center P50 Galasko, Douglas R. DN
1R03AG04661401 Diabetes and Obesity: Associations with Cognition, Neuropathology, and Longevity Gelber, Rebecca Patricia DN
2P01AG03295806 The Molecular Pathogenesis of Varicella Zoster Virus Infection Gilden, Donald DN
1R21AG045729-01A1 Novel Nuclear and Intracellular Pathology in Early AD Glabe, Charles G. DN
2R01AG02949306A1 Targeting CNTF toyo Increase Adult Forebrain Neurogenesis Hagg, Theo DN
1K99AG04733401 High-Resolution Multimodal Imaging of Episodic Memory Networks in Aging. Hershman, Ilana Jacqueline DN
1R13AG04771301 2014 Neurobiology of Brain Disorders Gordon Research Conference & Gordon Research Herz, Joachim J. DN
1R01AG04449901A1 Mint Adaptor Proteins in APP Binding and Processing Ho, Angela DN
2P50AG00513431 Massachusetts Alzheimer's Disease Research Center Hyman, Bradley T. DN
1K24AG04637301 Risk Factors and Prevention Targets for Abnormal Cognitive Aging Jefferson, Angela L. DN
1R43AG04603001A1 A Turn-Key Optogenetics and Electrophysiology Measurement System Johnson, David A. DN
1K01AG04637401 Genetic Disruption of Tau Metabolism in Tauopathies Karch, Celeste DN
1R21AG045637-01A1 A Novel, Nanoparticle-Based Molecular MRI Probe for Early Alzheimer's Diagnostics Klein, William L. DN
1K23AG04349801A1 Delirium Evaluation in the Emergency Department for Seniors (Deeds) Lamantia, Michael Andrew DN
1R01AG044404-01A1 Cytosolic Phospholipase A2 in Amyloid-Beta Peptide-Stimulated Cerebral Endot Lee, James C. DN
1K23AG04443801A1 Factors Associated to Poor Mobility in Older Adults with Schizophrenia Leutwyler, Heather Christine DN
1U01AG046161-01 Discovery of Novel Proteomic Targets for Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease Levey, Allan I. DN
1K01AG044543-01A1 Modulating Brain Activity to Preserve Gait in Older Adults Manor, Bradley D. DN
1K99AG04733501 The Role of Cortical Projection Neurons Susceptible to Progressive Degeneration W Maroof, Asif Mirza DN
1R01AG04664601 The Pharmacological Enhancement of Sleep for Memory Improvement Mednick, Sara Carole DN
2P50AG02350111 New Approaches to Dementia Heterogeneity Miller, Bruce L. DN
2K24AG03364006 Midcareer Mentoring Award for Patient-Oriented Research in Aging Mitchell, Susan L. DN
2P01AG01444916 Neurobiology of Mild Cognitive Impairment Mufson, Elliott Jay DN
1R21AG04463301A1 A Cellular Basis for Age-Related Impaired Tactile Acuity Owens, David M. DN
1R01AG045703-01A1 Solid State NMR Structural Analysis of Oligomeric Alzheimer's Beta-Amyloid Peptid Paravastu, Anant Krishna DN
1R21AG046710-01 Axodendritic Signaling of APP-CTF Parent, Angele DN
2P50AG016574-16 Mayo Alzheimer's Disease Research Center Petersen, Ronald C. DN
1K23AG04444101A1 Anxiety in Parkinson's: Use of Quantitative Methods to Guide Rational Treatment Pontone, Gregory Michael DN
1R21AG045757-01A1 Amylin as a Diagnostic Test and Potential Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease Qiu, Wei Qiao Wendy DN
1R01AG045611-01A1 Early Age-of-Onset AD: Clinical Heterogeneity and Network Degeneration Rabinovici, Gil Dan DN
2R01AG02957706A1 Investigating the Role of bvFTD-Affected Networks in Socioemotional Behavior Rankin, Katherine P. DN
1R21AG046499-01 Young-Onset Dementia in Colombia Rascovsky, Katya DN
2R01AG031581-15A1 Brain Imaging; APOE & the Preclinical Course of Alzheimer's Disease Reiman, Eric Michael DN
1R03AG046941-01 Cargo Recognition by the Retromer Sorting Complex Reinisch, Karin M. DN
1K99AG04691101 Elucidating Synaptic Regulators via High-Throughput Morphology Characterization San Miguel Delgadillo, Adriana DN
1R01AG046153-01 Identification of Old-Age-Associated Alzheimer's Disease Drug Targets Schubert, David R. DN
4F32AG04095702 Elucidating the Mechanism of Amyloid-Beta's Pathological Aggregation Smith, Pieter Ernst DN
1F30AG04604401A1 MHCI Molecules in Age-Related Synapse Loss at the Neuromuscular Junction Tetruashvily, Mazell M. DN
4R44AG04415702 Circulating Blood-Based Diagnostic for Mild Cognitive Impaired Victims Wang, Eugenia DN
4R44AG04423402 Instrument for Single Molecule Sequencing of Alzheimer's-Relevant Genomic Oxidati Wolf, David E. DN
1R01AG045781-01A1 Retromer Deficiency and Alzheimer's Disease Pathology Xiong, Wen-Cheng DN
1R01AG048072-01 Thermosensation and Longevity in C. Elegans Xu, X. Z. Shawn DN
1R01AG04345801A1 Dopaminergic Neuromodulation of Decision Making in Young and Middle-Aged Adults Zald, David H. DN
1K01AG04727301 Lifecourse Cardiovascular Risk, Depression and Cognition in Black & White Adults Zeki Al Hazzouri, Adina DN
4R00AG03948203 Characterization of ATXN1 in APP Processing and AD Pathogenesis Zhang, Can Martin DN

DAB = Division of Aging Biology
DBSR = Division of Behavioral and Social Research
DGCG = Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology
DN = Division of Neuroscience

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