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Recent NIA Grants

September 30, 2013

Take a look at the latest NIH postings of grants awarded to expand the study of aging. They cover such diverse areas as telomere replication and genome stability, awards to Pepper Older American Independence Centers, how synaptic dysfunction affects DNA integrity in Alzheimer's disease, daily social interaction and health risk pathways in midlife, use of sedation in hospitalized older people, and many others.

This list includes new and competing grants for FY 2013 awarded by NIA between May 1 and August 31, and posted in the NIH Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool (RePORT) as of September 1, 2013. Click on the title below to go to a description of the project.

Project Number Contact PI / Project Leader Project Title Division
4R01AG030423-05 Aiken, Judd M. Impact of Exercise on Sarcopenia DAB
2T32AG000213-22A1 Asthana, Sanjay Biology of Aging and Age Related Diseases Training Grant DAB
2T32AG021890-11 Austad, Steven N. Training Grant on the Biology of Aging DAB
1R03AG042690-01A1 Bau, Haim H. The Effect of Exercise on Frailty in C. Elegans DAB
1R01AG043483-01 Baur, Joseph A. Molecular Mechanisms of Rapamycin's Effects on Health and Longevity. DAB
1R21AG044815-01 Blau, Helen M. Safe, Rapid Telomere Extension to Prevent and Treat Hypertension DAB
1R13AG044133-01A1 Blomberg, Bonnie B. Aging and the Immune System DAB
1F30AG044964-01 Bongers, Kale S. The Molecular Pathogenesis of Skeletal Muscle Atrophy DAB
1R03AG043606-01A1 Brown, Bryan Nicklaus Macrophage Polarization and Aging in the Context of Regenerative Medicine DAB
1R21AG044625-01 Cabelof, Diane C. Base Excision Repair, Premature Senescence and Aging in Down Syndrome DAB
2R01AG010026-20A1 Cartee, Gregory D. Aging, Calorie Restriction, Exercise and Insulin Sensitivity DAB
1R01AG045833-01 Cassone, Vincent M. Circadian Rhythms and Melatonin Signaling in the Aging Gastrointestinal System DAB
1R21AG043747-01A1 Chang, Sandy S. Telomere Replication and Maintenance of Genome Stability DAB
1R01AG045828-01 Chen, Zheng Role of Clock-Modulating Small Molecules against Aging DAB
1R21AG042727-01A1 Combs, Colin K. The Role of APP in Atheroclerosis DAB
1R21AG045020-01A1 Di Paolo, Gilbert Control of Liver Autophagy by Phosphatidic Acid Signaling DAB
1R01AG043608-01 Dixit, Vishwa Deep Inflammasomes and the Mechanism of Thymic Demise in Aging DAB
1R01AG041754-01A1 Dong, Chunming Micrornas as Determinants of Endothelial Progenitor Cell Senescence DAB
1U01AG045864-01 Driscoll, Monica A. Healthspan Analysis of C. Elegans Strains Treated with Candidate Anti Aging Inter DAB
1R21AG042699-01A1 Dupont-Versteegden, Esther E. Cyclic Compressive Loading as an Intervention for Skeletal Muscle Atrophy and Imp DAB
1R01AG045428-01 Engler, Adam Jeffrey Mechanogenetics: An Integrated Approach in Muscle Dysfunction DAB
1R13AG046071-01 Frydman, Judith 2013 Stress Proteins in Growth, Development & Disease Gordon Research Conference DAB
1R01AG045779-01 Goronzy, Jorg J. Influence of Age on CD4 T Memory Cells DAB
1R13AG046016-01 Hiebert, Scott W. FASEB SRC on HDACs, Sirtuins and Reversible Acetylation in Signaling and Disease DAB
2R01AG028516-06 Hsu, Ao-Lin Allen Regulation of Heat Shock Transcription Factor in Long-Lived Animals DAB
1F31AG043189-01A1 Ito, Takahiro The Role of Enhancer of Zeste Homolog 2 in Cellular Senescence DAB
4R44AG044192-02 Jacobs, Sharon Gail Development of hMaxi-K Bladder Wall Injection for Overactive Bladder Treatment DAB
1R13AG044873-01 Kapahi, Pankaj 2013 Aging, Biology of Gordon Research Conference and Gordon Research Seminar DAB
1R01AG045835-01 Kapahi, Pankaj Role of Circadian Clocks in Aging using Drosophila DAB
1R01AG045713-01 Kristal, Bruce S. High Resolution Plasma Lipidomics in CALERIE DAB
1R21AG045545-01 Lan, Li Oxidative DNA Base Damage and Repair at Telomeres and the Relevance to Cell Senes DAB
1R21AG041505-01A1 Lee, John C. Role of Protein Kinase D in Age-Related Osteopenia DAB
1R21AG045432-01 Lee, Jun Hee Sestrin1-Knockout Mice as a Model of Facilitated Muscle Aging DAB
1R21AG043874-01 Leng, Sean X. Chronic CMV Infection in the Elderly: Diagnosis and Link to Chronic Inflammation DAB
1U01AG045844-01 Lithgow, Gordon J. Discovering Compounds with Robust Pro-Longevity Activities DAB
1R21AG044185-01 Loeser, Richard F. The Role of MIF in Osteoarthritis DAB
2R01AG020642-11A1 Longo, Valter D. Role of Longevity Regulatory Pathways in Age-Dependent Macro-Molecular Damage in DAB
1R21AG043921-01 Lunyak, Victoria Genome-Wide Analysis of Non-Coding RNA from Retrotransposons in Human Adult Stem DAB
1R21AG043917-01A1 Mercola, Mark Endothelial HiPSC-Cardiomyocyte Interactions Relevant to Model Disease and Aging DAB
1R01AG042569-01A1 Miller, Benjamin Francis Translational Mechanisms of Mitochondrial Protein Synthesis DAB
1R21AG042021-01A1 Park, Yongkyu Loco/RGS14 Signaling Pathway in Longevity DAB
1K08AG042496-01A1 Percec, Ivona Sirtuin Regulation of Aging Human Primary Adipose Tissue DAB
1U01AG045829-01 Phillips, Patrick C. Genetic Variation Underlying the Response to Longevity Interventions DAB
1R01AG042400-01A1 Qian, Shu-Bing Linking Nutrient Signaling and Protein Homeostasis in Mammalian Aging DAB
2T32AG000057-36 Rabinovitch, Peter S. Genetic Approaches ro Aging DAB
1F31AG044879-01 Raffield, Laura Marie Tonks Analysis of Coding Variants associated with Age-Related Phenotypes DAB
1U13AG046118-01 Ram, Jeffrey L. Symposium on Model Invertebrate Systems for the Study of Stem Cells in Developmen DAB
2R13AG012917-19 Richardson, Arlan G. Summer Training Course in Aging Research DAB
1P01AG043376-01A1 Robbins, Paul D. Cell Autonomous and Non-Autonomous Mechanisms of Aging DAB
1R21AG042003-01A1 Sanford, Jeremy Robert Controlling Toxic RNA with Rapamycin DAB
1R43AG044898-01 Shah, Alok Shirish Development of Novel Therapies for Aging-Induced Skeletal Muscle Atrophy. DAB
1F31AG043222-01A1 Shaw, Laura Transcriptional Regulation of Immunological Memory DAB
1R01AG045761-01 Shen, Wei Contribution of Organ Size to Adaptive Thermogenesis during Caloric Restriction DAB
1R01AG045842-01 Shirasu-Hiza, Michele M. Aging of Tissue-Specific Clocks in the Immune System of Drosophila DAB
1R01AG044615-01 Sieck, Gary C. Respiratory Control in Old Age DAB
1R01AG045795-01 Takahashi, Joseph S. Transcriptional Architecture and Chromatin Landscape of Circadian Clocks in Aging DAB
1R13AG044134-01A1 Thompson, Ladora 42nd Annual Meeting of the American Aging Association DAB
2T32AG029796-06 Thompson, Ladora V. Training Grant: Functional Protemics of Aging DAB
1R01AG044376-01 Vo, Nam V. The Role of Cellular Senescence in Intervertebral Disc Aging DAB
1R01AG045183-01 Wang, Meng Carla Lipid Signaling in Regulation of Longevity DAB
1R01AG045973-01 Westerink, M.A. Julia Immune Response to Pneumococcal Vaccination in Aging HIV Positive Adults. DAB
1R01AG043930-01A1 Williams, Robert W. Translational Systems Genetics of Mitochondria, Metabolism, and Aging DAB
1R21AG043739-01A1 Abir, Mahshid The Effect of High Inpatient Occupancy on Outcomes for Elderly Medicare Patients DBSR
1R21AG044782-01A1 Allaire, Jason C. Examining the Mechanisms of Immersive Computerized Training Interventions for Old DBSR
1K23AG043123-01A1 Betz, Marian Elizabeth Physician Screening of Older Drivers: Decision Rules for Geriatric Injury Prevent DBSR
1R01AG042778-01A1 Bloom, David E. The Longitudinal Aging Study in India DBSR
1R01AG043485-01A1 Bonner, Gloria J. Community-Based End-of-Life Intervention for African American Dementia Caregivers DBSR
1R01AG044335-01A1 Castel, Alan D. Goals and Motivation to Remember Important Information in Old Age DBSR
1R01AG042582-01A1 Chapman, Benjamin P. Personality-Epidemiologic Research on Inequalities in Longevity DBSR
1SC2AG046910-01A1 Chua, Elizabeth Findlay Cognitive and Neural Bases of Memory Confidence and Accuracy DBSR
1R03AG043661-01A1 Clarke, Philippa Understanding the Role of rhe Built Environment for Mobility in Older Adults DBSR
1R01AG042467-01A1 Corbett, Cindy Lou Chronic Care Management Model Translation to Multimorbid Aging Adults at FQHCs DBSR
2R01AG008235-22A1 Dixon, Roger A. Longitudinal Study of Cognitive Aging DBSR
1R21AG042802-01A1 Duarte, Fabian The Effect of Cost-Sharing on Health Care Utilization and Health Outcomes DBSR
1R01AG043527-01 Dubois, James M. Preventing Ethical Disasters in the Practice of Medicine DBSR
1R03AG042712-01A1 Dupre, Matthew Marital Trajectories and Cardiovascular Disease in the United States DBSR
1R21AG045015-01 Edmonds, Grant Whitney Telomere Length as an Outcome in Lifespan Models of Personality and Health DBSR
1R21AG042662-01A1 Ferguson, Melissa J. On the Causal Influence of Implicit Evaluations of Goals on Self-Regulation DBSR
1R01AG041955-01A1 Fischer, Claude Understanding How Personal Networks Change DBSR
2R01AG031266-06 Frankenberg, Elizabeth A. The Evolution of Well-Being among Older Adults after a Disaster DBSR
2R01AG026526-03A1 Fredriksen-Goldsen, Karen Ilene Older Adults in Vulnerable Communities: Health and Quality of Life over Time DBSR
1R01AG041750-01A1 Friedman, Elliot Michael Living Well with Later Life Multimorbidity: A Biopsychosocial Approach DBSR
1K23AG045338-01 Greysen, Scott Ryan Functional, Cognitive, and Social Vulnerabilities and Hospital Readmission DBSR
1R03AG045494-01 Gross, Alden L. Big Questions in Cognitive Aging: An Integrative Analysis Approach DBSR
1R25AG045063-01 Hagberg, James M. University of MD Aging, Diversity, and Professional Training (ADAPT) Program DBSR
1R13AG044930-01 Harootyan, Linda Krogh Accelerating Translation of Knowledge to Community Practices for Older Adults. DBSR
1R01AG042191-01A1 Hayes, Tamara Ambient Independence Measures for Guiding Care Transitions DBSR
1R01AG041868-01A1 Herd, Pamela A Longitudinal Resource for Genetic Research in Behavioral & Health Sciences DBSR
1R44AG044019-01 Hobday, John V. Online Training & Certification for Competency in Dementia Friendly Hospital Care DBSR
1P01AG043362-01 Hofer, Scott M. Integrative Analysis of Longitudinal Studies of Aging DBSR
1R01AG042511-01A1 Horvath, Steve Systems Genetic and Reverse Phenotypic Analysis of Age and Retirement DBSR
1R21AG044961-01 Isaacowitz, Derek M. Mobile Eye Tracking: Tool for Investigating Emotion Regulation across Adulthood DBSR
1R01AG041778-01A1 Kamarck, Thomas Wilson Social Integration, Daily Social Interaction, and Health Risk Pathways in Midlife DBSR
1R01AG042463-01A1 Kawachi, Ichiro Impact of Social Cohesion on Functional Recovery after Earthquake and Tsunami DBSR
1K01AG045342-01 Kim, Giyeon Disparities in Mental Health Care: Age, Race/Ethnicity, and Geography Effects DBSR
4R01AG040640-03 Layard, Richard Subjective Well-Being over the Life Course DBSR
4R01AG031729-04 Litwin, Howard Longitudinal Extension of SHARE-Israel Baseline Data DBSR
1R21AG043741-01A1 Loeckenhoff, Corinna E. Age Differences in Preferences for and Responses to Temporal Sequences DBSR
2R13AG018327-13 Maestas, Nicole A. RAND Mini-Medical School for Social Scientists DBSR
2T32AG000262-16 Magaziner, Jay Research Training in the Epidemiology of Aging DBSR
4R01AG013196-18 Marmot, Michael G. Socio-Economic Status and Heterogeneity in Aging DBSR
2T32AG020499-11 Marsiske, Michael Physical, Cognitive and Mental Health in Social Context DBSR
1R43AG044891-01 Maulitz, Russell Charles Communication Processes for Accountable Care Enhancement (C-PACE) DBSR
1R03AG045509-01 Mcnally, James W Impacts of Mortality: Project TALENT 50 Years Later DBSR
2T35AG029795-06 Meltzer, David O. Short Term Aging-Related Reseach Program DBSR
1R21AG042550-01A1 Miller, Susan C. Palliative Care Consultations: An Unstudied Care Model in Nursing Homes DBSR
1K01AG042450-01A1 Monin, Joan E. Chronic Conditions and Mutuality of Care in Late Life Marriage:A Multi-Method App DBSR
1R21AG042801-01A1 Muramatsu, Naoko Promoting Seniors' Health with Home Care Aides: A Pilot DBSR
1R21AG045660-01 Noel, Polly H. Added Value of Primary Care-Senior Center Linkages for Health and Functioning DBSR
1R01AG043463-01 Ochsner, Kevin N. Understanding Cognitive Mechanisms of Emotion Regulation in Aging DBSR
1R21AG042554-01A1 Rebok, George W. Web-Based Active Memory Training Intervention for Older Adults DBSR
2R01AG017177-09A1 Rizzo, Matthew Predicting Driving Safety in Advancing Age DBSR
1R01AG046116-01A1 Segerstrom, Suzanne C. Pain and Well-Being in Older Women: The Roles of Activity and Motivation DBSR
1R03AG045451-01 Staubli, Stefan Benefit Generosity and the Labor Supply of Disability Insurance Recipients DBSR
1R01AG044408-01 Torke, Alexia Mary Improving Surrogate/Clinician Communication: Validation of the Family Inpatient C DBSR
1R01AG044374-01 Trivedi, Amal N. Cost-Sharing, Use, and Outcomes of Post-Acute Care in Medicare Advantage Plans DBSR
4R37AG030481-06 Waite, Linda J. National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project: Analysis of Wave 1 and Wave 2 DBSR
2R42AG035400-02A1 Wan, Eric A. Position Tracking and Mobility Assessment System for Indoor Monitoring of Elders DBSR
1R03AG045385-01 Zagheni, Emilio Consequences of Population Aging on Time Transfers over the Life Course DBSR
4R01AG037031-04 Zhao, Yaohui China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study DBSR
1R21AG042667-01A1 Abraham, Theodore P. Testosterone Therapy for Diastolic Function Recovery in Hypogonadal Elderly DCGC
1K99AG042458-01A1 Anderson, Dennis Age-Related Changes in Thoracic Spine Biomechanics DGCG
1R01AG043401-01A1 Baptist, Alan P. A Self-Regulation Intervention for Older Adults with Asthma DGCG
2U01AG042168-14A1 Barrett-Connor, Elizabeth L. Osteoporatic Fractures in Men (MR. OS) DGCG
2R44AG034698-02 Baruch, Martin Carl Home Gait Assessment System DGCG
1R21AG043715-01A1 Bourgeois, Florence Exclusion of Older Patients in Clinical Drug Trials DGCG
1K24AG042765-01A1 Cappola, Anne R. Midcareer Investigator Award in Patient-Oriented Research in Aging DGCG
2U01AG042139-14A1 Cauley, Jane Ann Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (Mr. Os) DGCG
1R21AG042660-01A1 Chen, Lin Yee Arterial Structure and Function and Atrial Fibrillation DGCG
1R21AG043802-01 Chirinos Medina, Julio Alonso Targeting Wave Reflections in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction DGCG
2P30AG028716-08 Cohen, Harvey Jay Claude D. Pepper OAIC DGCG
1P30AG044281-01 Covinsky, Kenneth E. UCSF Older Americans Independence Center DGCG
2T32AG000212-21 Covinsky, Kenneth E. Research Training in Geriatric Medicine DGCG
1F31AG044091-01A1 Dutcher, Sarah Kathryn Atrial Fibrillation Management and Care Transitions among Nursing Home Residents DGCG
2U01AG042145-14A1 Ensrud, Kristine Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MR. OS) - Minneapolis DGCG
1R21AG043668-01A1 Fang, Gang Should the Elderly Have Lower Dose of ACE Inhibitors for Prevention after AMI? DGCG
1R03AG045088-01 Fischer, William The Effect of Aging on LAIV Replication in Human Nasal Epithelial Cells DGCG
1F32AG044904-01 Franz, Jason R. Mechanics of the Aging Achilles Tendon with Implications for Walking Performance DGCG
2P30AG021342-11 Gill, Thomas Michael Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center at Yale DGCG
1R01AG043471-01A1 Grijalva, Carlos G. Opioid Selection and the Risk of Serious Infections in Older Adults DGCG
1K23AG042459-01A1 Herzig, Shoshana J. Improving Use of Sedating Medications in Hospitalized Older Adults DGCG
1R01AG042411-01A1 Houston, Denise Kathryn Trial of Vitamin D Supplementation and Neuromuscular Function in Older Adults DGCG
1R03AG045492-01 Houston, Denise Kathryn Dietary Protein and Change in Physical Function in Black and White Older Adults DGCG
2R44AG041001-02 Hurley, Timothy Advanced In-Shoe Orthotic Treatment for Foot Pain DGCG
1R21AG041489-01A1 Hurria, Arti Technology to Assess Vulnerable Older Adults with Cancer and their Caregivers DGCG
1K07AG041835-01A1 Inouye, Sharon K. K07 Leadership Grant DGCG
1R01AG045136-01 Jackson, Elizabeth A. An Internet Based Walking Program for Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease DGCG
2P30AG021332-11 Kritchevsky, Stephen B. Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center and Coordinating Center DGCG
1R03AG045072-01 Lai, Jennifer C. Global Functional Status in the Older Liver Transplant Candidate DGCG
2R44AG040865-02 Leach, Joseph Daniel A Wearable "Balance Booster" - Stepping Closer to the Market DGCG
1R03AG045086-01 Lipska, Kasia Joanna Toward Personalized Diabetes Care: Understanding Hypoglycemia in Older Adults DGCG
1R01AG042525-01A1 Manini, Todd Metabolic Costs of Daily Activities in Older Adults DGCG
1R21AG042325-01A1 Mitchell, Susan L. A Pilot Study of an RCT to Improve Infection Management in Advanced Dementia DGCG
1R01AG041780-01A1 Mody, Lona Pathway from Functional Disability to Antimicrobial Resistance in Nursing Homes DGCG
2U01AG027810-07A1 Orwoll, Eric S. Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MR.OS) - Administrative Center DGCG
2U01AG042124-14A1 Orwoll, Eric S. Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MR. OS) - Portland DGCG
1K23AG042869-01A1 Peterson, Janey Christine INSPIRE: Intervention to Support Participation in Regular Exercise in the Elderly DGCG
1R21AG043722-01A1 Pierce, Gary L. Targeting Inflammation to Treat Cardiovascular Aging in Humans DGCG
1K23AG038548-01A1 Platts-Mills, Timothy Fortescue Persistent Pain and Associated Physical Function Decline among Elderly Individual DGCG
2P30AG028748-08 Reuben, David B. UCLA Older Americans Independence Center DGCG
2R44AG042990-02 Sarvazyan, Armen Portable Device for Monitoring Water Balance in Elderly DGCG
1R01AG042504-01A1 Segev, Dorry Frailty and Risk Prediction in Older Adults Considering Kidney Transplantation DGCG
2U01AG042140-14A1 Shikany, James M. Osteoporotic Fractures in Men_MR. OS Renewal_Birmingham DGCG
2U01AG042143-14A1 Stefanick, Marcia L. Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MR. OS) Palo Alto DGCG
1R21AG044710-01A1 Stevens-Lapsley, Jennifer E. Determination of Pain Phenotypes in Older Adults with Knee Osteoarthritis DGCG
1R01AG043419-01 Talbot, Helen Keipp Effectiveness of the Influenza Vaccine in the Aging Population DGCG
1R21AG043516-01A1 Thamer, Mae Creation of a Risk-Scoring Algorithm for Early Mortality among Elderly ESRD Patie DGCG
1R03AG045100-01 Verceles, Avelino Catalino The Multimodal Rehabilitation of Older Ventilated Survivors of Critical Illness DGCG
2P30AG021334-11 Walston, Jeremy David Older Americans Independence Center DGCG
1R21AG042894-01A1 Wang, Xiaofei Translational Meta-Analysis for Elderly Lung Cancer Patients DGCG
1R21AG045634-01 Weiss, Robert G. Bioenergetics and Fatigability in Older Individuals DGCG
1R36AG045411-01 Alexander-Floyd, Jasmine Jancola The Effect of Juvenile Protective Programs on Protein Aggregation during Aging DN
1R21AG043857-01A1 Alkayed, Nabil J. Endothelial Mechanism of Vascular Cognitive Impairment (VCI) DN
1R15AG042109-01A1 Anderson-Hanley, Cay Cognitive Benefits of Interactive Mental and Physical Exercise for MCI DN
1R01AG044332-01 Ballatore, Carlo Orally-Absorbed, Small Molecule Microtubule-Stabilizers for Tauopathy Treatment DN
1R21AG044812-01 Bamburg, James R. Role of Cofilin Pathology in Mouse Models of Cognitive Impairment DN
1R03AG045098-01 Becker, Laren Effect of Aging on Enteric Neural Stem Cells is Dependent on the PI3I/Akt Pathway DN
1SC1AG046907-01 Benveniste, Morris J. Changes in E-S Plasticity in Aging DN
1R01AG043962-01A1 Burns, Jeffrey Murray Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Alzheimer's Pathophysiology in Preclinical AD DN
1R01AG041250-01A1 Cao, Lei The Role of Hypothalamic-Sympathoneural-Adipocyte Axis in Healthy Aging DN
1R03AG043748-01A1 Cham, Rakie Effects of Visual Fields on Standing Balance DN
1R01AG045656-01 Chen, Gong Converting Alzheimer's Reactive Astrocytes into Functional Neurons DN
2R01AG026389-06A1 Chu, Charleen T Regulation of Autophagy & Mitochondrial Recycling in Neuronal Cell Death DN
1R21AG045691-01 Cirrito, John R. Temporal Relationship between Synaptic Activity and Abeta Aggregation DN
1R01AG045422-01 Colton, Carol Anne Immune-Based Nutrient Deprivation and Neurodegenerative Disease DN
1R44AG044130-01 Cope, Frederick Oliver Comparison of Beta Amyloid Deposits Imaged with 18F-AZD4694 and Postmortem Histol DN
1R25AG043364-01A1 Cronan, Thereasa A. SDSU ADAR Program DN
1R01AG044546-01A1 Cruchaga, Carlos Identifying Rare Variants that Increase Risk for Alzheimer's Disease DN
1R21AG044530-01 Crystal, Jonathon D. A Rodent Model of Prospective Memory DN
2P01AG009975-16A1 Czeisler, Charles A. Sleep, Aging and Circadian Rhythm Disorders DN
1R01AG041795-01A1 Devanand, Davangere P. Olfactory Deficits and Donepezil Treatment in Cognitively Impaired Elderly DN
1R41AG044956-01A1 Dickey, Chad A. A Diarylheptanoid Scaffold to Treat Taopathies DN
1R21AG042671-01A1 Doetsch, Fiona Extrinsic Regulation of Adult Neural Stem Cells DN
1R01AG046358-01 Driscoll, Monica A. Mechanisms Modulating the Maintenance of Structural Integrity in Individual Aging DN
4R00AG037716-03 Du, Heng Mitochondrial Pore and Synaptic Stress in Alzheimer's Disease DN
1R01AG044416-01 Duffy, Jeanne F. Treatment of Circadian Disruption from Shiftwork in Older Adults DN
1R43AG044863-01 El-Gohary, Mahmoud Monitoring Balance and Gait Disorders in Parkinson’s Disease with the Home Obje DN
1K25AG043546-01A1 Fardo, David William Statistical Genetics Methods for Mixed Pathologies DN
1R21AG042082-01A1 Fukuchi, Ken-Ichiro Role of the MyD88-Independent Pathway in Alzheimers Disease DN
1R43AG044958-01A1 Gabbita, Somasundar Prasad A First-in-Class Orally Active Anti-TNF-Alpha Inhibitor to Treat AD DN
1F31AG043270-01A1 Gefen, Tamar D. Neurobiological Substrates of Superaging and the Preservation of Cingulate Cortex DN
2R01AG031189-06 Geschwind, Michael D. Predicting Progression of Human Prion Disease DN
1R21AG043817-01A1 Gibbs, Robert B. Impact of Estrogens and Menopause on Interacting Monoamine Neurotransmitters in T DN
1R01AG045830-01 Giebultowicz, Jadwiga M. Circadian Clocks and Aging DN
1K01AG042500-01A1 Gitcho, Michael Andre Selective Over Expression of TDP-43 in APP/PS1 Mice Alters APP Processing DN
2R01AG009191-21A1 Gordon-Salant, Sandra M. Auditory Temporal Processes, Speech Perception and Aging DN
1K99AG042483-01A1 Gu, Yian Dietary Factors and Neuroimaging Markers DN
1R21AG043366-01A1 Heinzelman, Peter J. Directed Evolution of Blood Brain Barrier-Traversing Granulocyte Colony-Stimulati DN
1R03AG045476-01 Hemmy, Laura S. Longitudinal Analysis of Spoken Language Characteristics in the Nun Study DN
1R03AG044339-01 Hoe, Hyang-Sook Molecular Mechanisms of Class II HDAC Inhibitors in Alzheimer's Disease DN
1R21AG042828-01A1 Hook, Vivian Y. H. Aminopeptidases for Neurotoxic Pyroglutamate Beta-Amyloid of Alzheimers Disease DN
1R03AG045481-01 Hornsby, Peter J. Stress Resistance in Neurons from Primate Ips Cells DN
2R44AG035405-02A1 Hu, Hui Imaging Software of Functional Connectivity MRI for Alzheimer's Disease DN
1R21AG043885-01A1 Hu, William Tzu-Lung African American Alzheimer's Progression Markers - CSF and Neuro-Imaging DN
4R00AG037574-03 Huffman, Derek Major Peripheral and Central IGF-1 Action in Energy Balance and Longevity Modulation DN
2R01AG011378-21A1 Jack, Clifford Robert Evaluating and Extending our Hypothetical Model of Alzheimer's Biomarkers DN
1R01AG042419-01A1 Jicha, Gregory A. Modulation of Microrna Pathways by Gemfibrozil in Predementia Alzheimer Disease DN
2R01AG021055-11 Kawas, Claudia H. Clinical, Imaging, and Pathological Studies in the Oldest Old: The 90+ Study DN
1R21AG045661-01 Kaye, Lenard W. Balancing Act: Impact on Falls in Older Adults with Vision Impairment DN
1R41AG044897-01 Koronyo-Hamaoui, Maya A Noninvasive Optical Imaging of Retinal Amyloid Beta Deposits in AD Patients DN
1R01AG043522-01A1 Landreth, Gary E. Functional Significance of Amyloid Dynamics and Deposition in the AD Brain DN
1K99AG042494-01A1 Lapierre, Louis Rene Role of LIPL-4 in Lysosomal Lipolysis and Aging DN
1R43AG044040-01A1 Larrick, James W. Tau N-Terminal Antibody for Neurodegenerative Tauopathies DN
2T32AG000255-16 Lee, Virginia M. Training in Age Related Neurodegenerative Diseases DN
1R21AG043816-01A1 Maher, Pamela Anne Protein Glycation and the Proteasome: Role in Neurological Diseases and Aging DN
2R01AG032132-19A1 Malinow, Roberto Novel Roles by Glutamatergic Receptors in the Synaptic Effects of Beta Amyloid DN
1R21AG042730-01A1 Manns, Joseph R. A Novel M1 Muscarinic Activator to Treat Memory Deficits in Alzheimer's Disease DN
2R01AG023695-06A1 Mao, Zixu Oxidation-Dependent Regulation of MEF2D in Neuronal Stress DN
1T35AG044303-01 Mayeux, Richard The Brief Research in Aging and Interdisciplinary Neurosciences DN
1K01AG043503-01A1 Mcmillan, Corey T. Multimodal Biomarkers in Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration DN
1R21AG044719-01 Miller, Timothy M. Does a Shift from 4R to 3R Tau Project against Amyloid Beta-Induced Cognitive Def DN
1R01AG043478-01A1 Moss, Mark Barry The Effect of Curcumin on Age-Related Cognitive Decline in the Rhesus Monkey DN
1R03AG042814-01A1 Moyer, James R. Mechanisms of Aging-Related Extinction Deficits DN
2R01AG011385-19 Mucke, Lennart Synaptic Dysfunction affecting DNA Integrity in Alzheimer's Disease DN
2R13AG030995-06A1 Mungas, Dan M. Conference on Advanced Psychometric Methods in Cognitive Aging Research DN
1R01AG041232-01A1 Myers, Amanda J. Apoeomic: Searching for APOE Interacting Risk Factors using Omics Data DN
1R03AG044703-01 Ohno, Masuo Reduced TrkB and BACE1 Elevation: Potential Link in Alzheimer's Pathogenesis DN
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1R01AG043640-01A1 Rosene, Douglas L. Histopathology, Neuroimaging and Mechanism of Myelin Damage in Aging Monkey Brain DN
1R01AG040370-01A1 Roses, Allen D. Role of the TOMM40 Poly-T Variant in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease DN
1R21AG042016-01A1 Rosi, Susanna Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury on Hippocampal Network Activity: Age Difference DN
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DAB = Division of Aging Biology
DBSR = Division of Behavioral and Social Research
DGCG = Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology
DN = Division of Neuroscience

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