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Blog post - how to avoid annoying your reviewers

July 17, 2013

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NIH Scientific Review Officers often hear from grant reviewers about things that applicants have or haven’t done in their grant applications, and how those applications fare in peer review. Many of the issues are related to grantsmanship: writing a neat, tidy, clear and complete grant application that a reviewer will pay attention to despite having read umpteen other applications in the previous 48 hours. Others are more substantive issues with the science.

In a new blog post, Rebecca Ferrell, a Scientific Review Officer in the Scientific Review Branch of the NIA Division of Extramural Activities, describes common issues with the human research protections section of the grant application. She identifies key resources for completing the Human Subjects Section and explains what NOT to do.

Read the full blog post: How to avoid annoying your reviewers—tips from review, part 1

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