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June 3, 2013

Take a look at the latest grants awarded to expand the study of aging. They cover such diverse areas as formulation of a new treatment for wound healing in older people, mechanisms of aging in C. elegans, renewal of the Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study, therapy for older adults with depression, and many others.

This list includes the new and competing grants for FY 2013 awarded through April 30, 2013. It does not include grants that NIA co-funds with another NIH institute. Click on the title to go to a description of the project.

Project Number Contact PI / Project Leader Project Title Division
1P01AG04335301 Anversa, Piero Aging of the Heart DAB
4R00AG036817-03 Burd, Christin E A Novel p16INK4a Reporter System to Assess Aging in Vivo DAB
2P01AG025532-06A1 Cortopassi, Gino A. Schs, Mitochondria, Healthy Aging and Longevity DAB
2R01AG021904-11 Cuervo, Ana M. Decreased Protein Degradation in Aging DAB
4R00AG037646-03 Dang, Weiwei Regulation of Yeast Cellular Aging through Chromatin and Novel Pathways DAB
1R21AG042826-01A1 Frasca, Daniela  Micro-RNAs: A New Mechanism Negatively Regulating B Cell Responses in the Elderly DAB
1R13AG046918-01 Gordon, Leslie B PRF 11th Anniversary Workshop on Progeria - "Hand In Hand: Basic and Clinica DAB
1R01AG046495-01 Kelly, Jeffery W. Discovering Small Molecules Activators of Stress Responsive Signaling DAB
2R01AG025941-06A1 Kim, Stuart K. Mechanisms of Aging in C. Elegans DAB
4R00AG037621-03 Rogers, Aric N. Lifespan Extension by Differential Translation Mediated By Eif-4g in C. Elegans DAB
1R21AG042686-01A1 Smith, Jeffrey Scott Functional Sir2-RNA Interactions DAB
1R01AG043560-01 Berndt, Ernst R. Evaluating Changes in Biopharmaceutical Therapies for Medicare and Other Payers DBSR
1R21AG042737-01A1 Erosheva, Elena Respondent-Driven Sampling for Hard-to-Reach Populations with Complex Network Clu DBSR
2P01AG029409-06A1 Freedman, Vicki A. Economic Status, Health, & Well-Being over the Life Course and across Generations DBSR
1R36AG042608-01A1 Garcia, Krista Changes in Physical and Cognitive Functioning among Cancer Survivors DBSR
1R01AG043584-01A1 Hollister, Brooke Ann Case Management and Problem Solving Therapy for Depressed Older Adults DBSR
1R01AG042794-01A1 Hotz, Vincent Joseph Add Health Parent Study: Phase I DBSR
1R44AG044120-01 Macurdy, Thomas Remote-Access Data Enclave for Analysis of HRS/PSID Linked to Administrative Heal DBSR
2P01AG019783-11 Skinner, Jonathan S. Causes and Consequences of Healthcare Efficiency DBSR
1R21AG044260-01A1 Sloan, Richard P. Psychosocial Factors and Aging: Effects on Resting/Reflexive Cardiovascular Contr DBSR
1R03AG042646-01A1 Yoo, Byung-Kwang Factors Affecting Disparities in Influenza Vaccination among Medicare Elderly DBSR
1R21AG042701-01A1 Donahue, J. Kevin Final Preclinical Development of Gene Therapy for Post-Operative Atrial Fibrillat DGCG
2R44AG032160-02 Parker, B. Eugene Benefit DGCG
1R01AG041869-01A1 Schonberg, Mara A. Breast Cancer Risk Factors among Women Aged 75 and Older DGCG
1R21AG042795-01A1 Seals, Douglas R. Clinical Translation of Curcumin Therapy to Treat Arterial Aging DGCG
1R21AG043284-01A1 Walston, Jeremy David Novel Formulation of Topical Losartan for Treatment of Wounds in Aging DGCG
2U19AG010483-22 Aisen, Paul S. Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study DN
2R44AG042181-02 Boado, Ruben J. Manufacturing of Trojan Horse-TNFR Decoy Receptor Fusion Protein DN
1R13AG044908-01 Cadenas, Enrique 2013 Oxidative Stress and Disease Gordon Research Conference & Gordon Research Se DN
1R01AG042679-01A1 Dillin, Andrew G. Cell Non-Autonomous Function of the Unfolded Protein Response DN
2R01AG030146-06A1 Evans, Denis A. Genetic Epidemiology of Cognitive Decline in an Aging Population Sample DN
1R13AG044998-01 Geula, Changiz International Conf on Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders in the Middle East DN
2R01AG028709-07A1 Lal, Ratneshwar Amyloid Ion Channels to Design Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative Diseases DN
1R21AG042755-01A1 Logemann, Jerilyn A. Strategies for the Treatment of Dysphagia in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease DN
1R01AG042753-01A1 Lu, Hanzhang Cognition and Cerebrovascular Function across the Lifespan DN
9R44AG044293-03 Mera, Thomas Oliver Kinesia-D: Ambulatory PD Dyskinesia Monitor for Drug Therapy Titration DN
1U01AG046871-01 Montine, Thomas J. Neuropathologic Research on Dementia Using Nun Study and HAAS Data DN
2P01AG017628-11 Pack, Allan Ian Sleep/Wake Fragmentation with Age: Molecular Mechanisms DN
2R01AG030593-06A1 Pletcher, Scott D. Mechanisms of Sensory Modulation of Aging in Drosophila DN
4R37AG031220-06 Prusiner, Stanley B. Towards Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative Diseases DN
4R00AG036845-03 Schon, Karin Aerobic Exercise, Neurotrophins, and fMRI of Hippocampal Function and Structure DN
1R01AG042292-01A1 Sharp, Frank R. Nrf2 Anti-Oxidant Systems and White Matter Hyperintensities DN
2P01AG027956-05A1 Singh, Meharvan Novel Mechanistic Targets of Steroid Hormones in the Brain DN
1R01AG043517-01A1 Singh, Rajat Hypothalamic Autophagy and Metabolic Regulation in Aging DN
1R03AG044680-01 Wang, Xinglong Role of PS1 in Mitochondria Dynamics and Mitochondria Function DN
1R01AG044420-01 Xu, Huaxi Roles of SN27 in Regulating Glutamate Receptors during Neurodegeneration DN

DAB = Division of Aging Biology
DBSR = Division of Behavioral and Social Research
DGCG = Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology
DN = Division of Neuroscience

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