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NIA launches new blog for research community

May 15, 2013

Get the inside scoop on National Institute on Aging grants and training opportunities, events, research priorities, and policy changes.
Inside N I A, A Blog for Researchers
Inside NIA: A Blog for Researchers launched May 15, 2013. It features weekly posts on topics of interest to the research community in aging. The first post is from Dr. Robin Barr, director of NIA’s Division of Extramural Activities. Future posts will come from Robin and a host of authors from the NIA Office of the Director and the Divisions of Aging Biology, Behavioral and Social Research, Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology, and Neuroscience. The goal is to create an open and transparent dialogue with you, an important member of NIA’s research community.

Whether you are NIA grantee, grant seeker, trainee, or friend of the NIA, find information on topics that matter to you. Learn how to find success as an NIA-supported investigator. Share your thoughts about funding processes, priorities, and policies. Provide feedback and be heard.

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