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NIA Funding Policy Announcement FY2011

May 12, 2011

For a description of NIA’s mission and priorities please see: NIA's listing of Priorities and Programs

Budget Data: NIH (including NIA) received a full year continuing resolution budget for FY 2011 at approximately 1% below the FY 2010 level. A detailed mechanism table showing allocations through FY2010 is available at: NIA's FY 2010 Budget Mechanism Table


Strategy: NIA’s effort to increase the number of competing awards made during this cycle of minimal to negative growth includes limiting the numbers of large applications accepted for review and the numbers awarded (a large application requests direct costs of $500,000 or more in any single year). NIA program divisions have been assigned a limited annual budget for accepting large applications. NIA continues to make competing RPG awards at an average reduction of 18% below the study-section recommended amount.


Competing awards:

RPG applications requesting less than $500,000 (direct costs) in all requested years: These applications will be paid through the 11th percentile with the following exceptions. Early Stage Investigator (ESI)-eligible R01 applications will be paid through the 16th percentile. Other new investigator eligible R01 applications will be paid through the 14th percentile.

RPG applications requesting at least $500,000 (direct costs) in one or more years: These applications will be paid through the 8th percentile with the following exceptions. If an application is ESI-eligible these R01 applications will be paid through the 13th percentile. Other R01 new investigator applications will be paid through the 11th percentile.

Non-Competing awards:

NIA will follow NIH policy on noncompeting awards and post further information to this site when it becomes available.

NIA is also continuing to review balances in noncompeting awards and adjusting or delaying award of the next noncompeting or competing year when appropriate.

Non-RPG mechanisms:

NIA is following NIH policy on remaining lines including centers, small business, training, scientific meetings, resource-related, and career development awards.

NIA will review RPG balances in July and any update to the funding lines will be announced at that time.

Note on Ranking of RPG applications reviewed at NIA:

Although the bulk of RPG applications (other than those submitted in response to RFAs and a few PARs) are reviewed at CSR and given percentile ranks based on the panel in which they were reviewed, program project applications and some multi-site cooperative agreement and research grant (R01) applications are reviewed at NIA. Beginning May 2011, no percentile rank appears on the summary statement for these applications. Instead, for funding consideration, they are ranked against other NIA-reviewed RPG applications from the current and recent preceding rounds. This policy for ranking P01 and other non-RPG applications reviewed at NIA became effective for all FY 2011 and succeeding year applications.

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