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Utilizing Internet-Based Recruitment and Data Collection to Access Different Age Groups of Former Family Caregivers

Researchers' use of Internet-based surveys and recruitment strategies has increased, but there is little knowledge about their use in different age groups of former dementia caregivers. This analysis describes the use of Internet-based recruitment in young and middle-aged (age 18-64), young-old (age 65-74), and older-old (age 75 and older) former dementia caregivers. A four-step recruitment strategy encompassing a combination of Internet-based and non-Internet-based recruitment strategies was used. Participants completed an online survey. The finding was that Internet-based surveys and recruitment were feasible among all age groups but may present challenges for the older-old and minorities. 

Corey KL, McCurry MK, Sethares KA, et al. Utilizing Internet-based recruitment and data collection to access different age groups of former family caregivers. Applied Nursing Research 2018 Dec;44:82-87.

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