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The Symbolic Value and Limitations of Racial Concordance in Minority Research Engagement

In-depth, semi-structured, telephone interviews were conducted with 31 research investigators experienced with minority populations, to explore their perspectives regarding how their own racial and ethnic background influenced their ability to recruit minorities. The analysis addressed the benefits and potential risks of racial concordance ("race-matching") in research recruitment (i.e., it is not a "magic pill"), and the importance investigators themselves placed on "being really connected" and engaging in self-reflection to develop meaningful research relationships. The authors concluded that "the operationalization of the many lessons learned from this research make evident the unavoidable tension between being 'really connected' with people of color in research and traditional research approaches."

Fryer CS, Passmore SR, Maietta RC, et al. The symbolic value and limitations of racial concordance in minority research engagement. Qualitative Health Research 2016;26(6):830-841.

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