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Strategies for the Recruitment and Retention of Racial/Ethnic Minorities in Alzheimer Disease and Dementia Clinical Research

This systematic review included 19 studies that involved recruitment and retention of African Americans (15 studies), both African Americans and Latinos (2), and Asians (2). Four major themes were identified for recruitment strategies: community outreach (94.7%), advertisement (57.9%), collaboration with healthcare providers (42.1%), and referral (21.1%). Three major themes were identified for retention strategies: follow-up communication (15.8%), maintain community relationship (15.8%), and convenience (10.5%).

Wong R, Amano T, Lin SY, Zhou Y, Morrow-Howell N. Strategies for the recruitment and retention of racial/ethnic minorities in Alzheimer disease and dementia clinical research. Current Alzheimer Research 2019; 16(5).

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