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Recruit & Retain Participants

Strategies to Improve Recruitment and Retention of Older Stroke Survivors to a Randomized Clinical Exercise Trial

This study examined recruitment and retention strategies used among a group of older community-dwelling stroke survivors for a randomized clinical trial on exercise. A total of 393 referrals were received, 233 persons were screened, and 145 stroke survivors were enrolled in the study. During 3 years of recruitment, this study achieved 97 percent of the enrollment target and enrolled 62 percent of those screened. Of those enrolled, 21.4 percent were recruited through paid advertising and 78.6 percent were recruited through unpaid advertising. The study's retention rate was 85 percent and its dropout rate was 10 percent. Researchers noted that many of the recruitment and retention strategies explored in this study may be relevant for exercise trials among adults with other chronic illnesses.

Taylor-Piliae RE, Boros D, Coull BM. Strategies to improve recruitment and retention of older stroke survivors to a randomized clinical exercise trial. Journal of Stroke & Cerebrovascular Disease 2014;23(3):462-468.

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