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Strategies to Build Trust and Recruit African American and Latino Community Residents for Health Research: A Cohort Study

This study used Community Partnered Participatory Research (CPPR) to address low participation of racial/ethnic minorities in medical research and the lack of trust between underrepresented communities and researchers. Residents of a South Los Angeles neighborhood were exposed to research recruitment strategies: referral by word-of-mouth, community agencies, direct marketing, and study participants. Study completion rates varied by recruitment method: referral by community agencies (88.7%), referral by participants (80.4%), direct marketing promotion (86.2%), word of mouth (64.3%). These results suggest that participation by racial/ethnic groups is more successful when recruitment strategies emerge from the community itself.

Sankare IC, Bross R, Brown AF, et al. Strategies to build trust and recruit African American and Latino community residents for health research: A cohort study. Clinical and Translational Science 2015;8(5):412-420.

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