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Standardizing a Process to Engage African Americans in Health Research: The Community Research Outreach Workers' Network (CROWN)

To overcome the barriers of recruiting African Americans into health research studies, researchers tested an engagement strategy that used volunteer research registries and community review boards to link registrants to studies. The aims of this Community Research Outreach Workers' Network (CROWN) were to 1) create a community outreach-generated registry of African Americans interested in participating in health research and 2) develop a community research review board to advise investigators on conducting culturally engaging research. The Uniformed Services University Center for Health Disparities served as an administrative coordinating center. The CROWN board reviewed five research studies and provided feedback to research investigators. In turn, 71 people who were recruited into research studies reported that they heard about the study through CROWN.

Samuel T. Standardizing a process to engage African Americans in health research: The Community Research Outreach Workers' Network (CROWN). Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action 2014;8(1):109-116.

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