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Slide Presentations on Dementia in the Latino Community (Stanford ADRC)

Close-up of a Latino man's face"Dementia in the Latino Community: What We Should Know and Do" is a 53-slide Spanish-language presentation, including citations, of the Stanford Alzheimer's Disease Research Center. The presentation covers the following:

  • ¿Qué es la demencia?
  • La demencia en los Estados Unidos
  • La demencia y los Latinos
  • Factores de riesgo
  • Fortalecer la salud del cerebro
  • El ADRC de Stanford

A separate 58-slide English-language presentation, "Dementia in the Latino Community," covers similar information but is targeted at aging services providers. The presentation opens with information on cultural influences, including family, communication challenges, cultural beliefs associated with memory loss, and common etiquette guidelines for working with Latino populations. It then covers:

  • Dementia background
  • Incidence, prevalence, and risk in the Latino community
  • Assessment
  • Interventions
  • Stanford Alzheimer's Disease Research Center

The English-language version is not available through ADORE. For more information, contact the Stanford ADRC.

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Stanford Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
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