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The Role of Functional, Social, and Mobility Dynamics in Facilitating Older African Americans Participation in Clinical Research

This study examined the factors that influence participation in clinical trials by older African Americans, including social support, transportation access, and physical impediments. Researchers surveyed 221 participants who were recruited from local African American churches. They found that increased intent to join a trial was associated with greater transportation mobility, social ability, and daily living ability. Among adults age 65 and older, those with lower levels of support during a personal crisis were more likely to join a trial. The authors concluded that recruitment efforts aimed at African Americans need to consider potential participants' physical limitations (e.g., disabilities, mobility) and personal support.

Shapiro ET, Schamel JT, Parker KA, et al. The role of functional, social, and mobility dynamics in facilitating older African Americans participation in clinical research. Open Access Journal of Clinical Trials 2017;9:21-30.

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