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Road Map for Indian Country

Faces of three Native Americans and the back of the head of another woman who is  wearing a feather headdressThis 36-page guide promotes public health strategies to address dementia in American Indian/Alaska Native communities. The publication is intended as a tool for leaders of federally recognized tribes, as well as state-recognized tribes, to engage their communities in addressing this important issue.

The guide covers Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia and the value of early diagnosis and management, provides pertinent data on the challenge of dementia in Indian Country, makes the case for the role of public health in reducing the burden of dementia, and explains the value of partnerships to carry out that role effectively. Public health strategies presented in the guide encompass three themes: educate and empower community members, collect and use data, and strengthen the workforce. Brief profiles show Native leaders and community partners leveraging local strengths and resources within their tribal communities. The guide was created by the Alzheimer’s Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Healthy Brain Initiative.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Healthy Brain Initiative
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