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Recruitment of Racial/Ethnic Minority Older Adults Through Community Sites for Focus Group Discussions

In this study, researchers explored the use of a community-based oral health initiative to assist in recruitment of racial and ethnic minorities to focus groups for older adults. The process involved planning a recruitment strategy, engaging the individuals involved in its implementation (senior center attendees, program staff, and directors), executing the recruitment plan, and reflecting on the process of implementation. Targets for recruitment were met, an outcome attributed to the flexibility of the recruitment plan, the expertise of the research team, perseverance of the recruitment staff, and the cultivation of change agents. Authors used the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research as a guide.

Northridge ME, Shedlin M, Schrimshaw EW, et al. Recruitment of racial/ethnic minority older adults through community sites for focus group discussions. BMC Public Health 2017;17:563.

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