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Recruitment and Retention Strategies in Clinical Studies with Low-Income and Minority Populations: Progress from 2004-2014

The current state of the literature on recruitment and retention strategies in clinical studies of low-income and minority populations was assessed in a review of 165 studies published in English between 2004 and 2014. Data extracted included information on the study type (descriptive or analytical), study design, study focus (recruitment, retention, or both recruitment and retention), health outcome, specific minority group, special population or age group, whether specific recruitment/retention techniques were tested, and key research findings. Particular attention was given to articles that statistically analyzed the effectiveness of recruitment and retention strategies on enrollment/retention rates. Effective recruitment and retention strategies for low-income and minority groups, differential effectiveness across groups, and implications for future research are discussed.

Nicholson LM, Schwirian PM, Groner JA. Recruitment and retention strategies in clinical studies with low-income and minority populations: Progress from 2004-2014. Contemporary Clinical Trials 2015;45(Pt A):34-40.

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