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Recruit & Retain Participants

Recruitment Alerts for EMR System

A recruitment alert is used in the University of Michigan electronic medical record (EMR) platform, EPIC–MiChart, to identify patients who might qualify for research studies conducted by the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (MADRC). This recruitment alert functionality has proven to facilitate recruitment and decrease the enrollment period for a study. It can also reduce the time and effort of study coordinators to identify potential patients for a study.

Additionally, recruitment alerts have been configured to identify patients in MADRC’s Cognitive and Movement Disorders Clinics who meet screening criteria for the Center’s longitudinal study, the University of Michigan Memory and Aging Project, based on ICD 10 codes for memory loss and different types of neurodegenerative disorders. Notification is received as a message in the MiChart In Basket and can also be sent to a pager or email (e.g., to a study team member or clinic personnel). The alert is sent in real time when the patient meets the specified screening criteria, so the study team receives the notification while the patient is still in the clinic.

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Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center
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