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Racial Differences Among Factors Associated with Participation in Clinical Research Trials

Researchers surveyed 1,643 participants to investigate potential motivators, barriers, and facilitators to participation in research that tests a new drug or device. Participants were Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, multiracial, and "other" minorities. Motivators were measured on a scale that ranged from "no influence" (0) to "most influence" (4). Significant differences by race were found for five out of 10 motivating factors. "Risk of unknown side-effects" was the greatest barrier for all races. Results showed racial differences exist not only between Caucasians and minorities for the factors associated with their clinical trial participation, but also among different minority races themselves. To promote diversity in research, researchers concluded that recruitment strategies for each individual race should be customized based on what matters to the target population.

Kurt A, Semler L, Jacoby JL, et al. Racial differences among factors associated with participation in clinical research trials. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities 2016;4(5):827-836.

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