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A Qualitative Study of Recruitment Barriers, Motivators, and Community-Based Strategies for Increasing Clinical Trials Participation Among Rural and Urban Populations

Researchers in this study conducted 19 focus groups and nine interviews to identify recruitment barriers, motivators, and strategies to help increase access to and participation in clinical trials in rural and urban communities. More than 200 African-American and white men and women ages 21 and over participated in the focus groups. Researchers found that although similar barriers, motivators, and strategies were reported by urban and rural groups, perceptions regarding their importance varied. Recruitment barriers mentioned in both rural and urban groups included fear, side effects, limited understanding, limited time, and mistrust. Rural groups were more mindful of the time commitment involved. Both rural and urban participants reported financial incentives as the top motivator to clinical trial participation, followed by personal illness (urban groups) and benefits to family (rural groups). Recruitment strategies suggested by rural participants involved working with schools/churches and using word of mouth, whereas partnering with schools, word of mouth, and media were recommended most by urban groups.

Friedman DB, Foster C, Bergeron CD, et al. A qualitative study of recruitment barriers, motivators, and community-based strategies for increasing clinical trials participation among rural and urban populations. American Journal of Health Promotion 2015;29(5):332-338. 

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