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Psychometric Properties of a Decisional Capacity Screening Tool for Individuals Contemplating Participation in Alzheimer's Disease Research

This article assesses the psychometric properties of the University of California, San Diego Brief Assessment of Capacity to Consent (UBACC) when used in individuals thinking about participating in Alzheimer’s disease research. The UBACC was administered to a sample of individuals with mild to cognitive impairment and a sample of healthy controls as part of a broader study to evaluate perceived burden of research participation. Researchers concluded that the UBACC shows promise when used to screen for decisional capacity among those considering participation in Alzheimer’s research.

Seaman JB, Terhorst L, Gentry A, et al. Psychometric properties of a decisional capacity screening tool for individuals contemplating participation in Alzheimer's disease research. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 2015;46(1):1-9.

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University of Pittsburgh
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