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Outreach to Diversify Clinical Trial Participation: A Randomized Recruitment Study

The researchers tested whether targeted recruitment letters acknowledging diabetes health disparities and health risks specific to recipients' racial/ethnic group improved two metrics of trial participation: willingness to be screened and enrollment. This experiment was efficiently nested within a randomized clinical trial examining a preventive lifestyle intervention among pregnant women at high risk for diabetes. Participants received either a targeted recruitment letter with health risk information specific to their racial/ethnic group or a standard letter with health risk information for the general population. All letters were bilingual in English and Spanish.

The authors found that, compared to the standard letter, the targeted letter did not improve screening or enrollment rates overall or within separate racial/ethnic group. The exception was among Latina women who preferred Spanish, who showed a trend for improved screening and enrollment rates. 

Brown SD, Partee PN, Quesenberry CP, et al. Outreach to diversify clinical trial participation: A randomized recruitment study. Clinical Trials 2015;12(3):205-211.

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