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Improving the Cooperation Rate of Older Adults and Their Caregivers in Research Surveys

This study tested different types of appeals to participate in research studies. A random sample of 2,014 caregiving units (composed of an older adult, a family member, and a home care worker) were obtained from a list of Israeli long-term care insurance beneficiaries. Participants received either a formal and succinctly phrased letter followed by a recruitment phone call; the formal letter, but a revised, more personal recruitment phone call; or a revised letter and a revised phone call. The cooperation rate when using the succinctly phrased written and oral appeal was about 50 percent. Using the revised letter and revised phone call yielded an increase of 20 to 25 percent in the cooperation rate. Researchers concluded that changing the format of appeal can increase the cooperation rate of older adults and their caregivers in a research survey.

Green O, Ayalon L. Improving the cooperation rate of older adults and their caregivers in research surveys. Gerontology 2015;61(4):355-363.

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