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How to Use ADORE

ADORE contains hundreds of resources to help you engage, recruit, and retain participants in clinical trials and studies on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

A foundational resource in ADORE is the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Clinical Studies Recruitment Planning Guide, which identifies ways to overcome barriers to local research participation. The planning guide was developed by the Local, Diverse Working Group, part of the National Strategy effort convened by NIA. We encourage you to incorporate ideas from this guide—and other resources in ADORE—to help boost your recruitment efforts.

How to Find Resources

Search for resources four ways:

  • Browse a category. Click on any of the four categories in the right-hand menu to see a list of resources related to that recruitment and engagement goal. Results are shown in order of their entry into ADORE, with the most recent appearing first.
  • Enter keywords in the search bar. Search using a single word or a phrase in quotes, e.g., “thank you breakfast.”
  • Explore tags. Individual resources are tagged with one or more keywords. Click on any of these tags (see the blue buttons) to browse a list of related resources, sorted by those most recently entered into ADORE.
  • Visit the A-Z list of topics. Use this full list of tags to explore by participant characteristics, resource type, or focused topic.

Note: Resources in ADORE are not endorsed by NIA or NIH. If you adopt resources for local use, please cite the original source and contact the contributor for more information as needed. Please see About ADORE for more information.

Contribute a Resource

Have you engaged the community through advisory boards or community councils? Promoted your engagement and recruitment efforts on social media? Created communications pieces for potential participants? Held community outreach events? Published a journal article on your recruitment and retention efforts?

Please assist your fellow recruitment professionals by sharing what you’ve developed. Use this online form to submit a resource to be considered for posting. NIA will review the resource and may edit the resource description.

If you have any questions about contributing a resource or about the ADORE repository in general, please email us.

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