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Guidelines for Research Recruitment of Underserved Populations (EERC)

The authors propose EER a systematic approach to research participant recruitment so as to address the inadequate recruitment of underserved populations  The guideline is referred to by the acronym EERC, for evaluate, engage, reflect, and carefully match. These terms stand for: 1) Evaluate the composition of the research team, 2) Engage fully with the community by working with key informants and cultural insiders, 3) Reflect the unique cultural characteristics of the community in the research conduct, and 4) Carefully use a matching technique. Concrete examples are provided to demonstrate how the guidelines can enhance research recruitment, regardless of research design or the characteristics of the underserved population.

Matsuda Y, Brooks JL, Beeber LS. Guidelines for research recruitment of underserved populations (EERC). Applied Nursing Research 2016;32:164-170.

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