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Forgotten Memories (Recuerdo Olvidados) Audiovisual Novella

Perplexed son looking at father with word cloud, "Why is Dad acting so strange?" Confused father with word cloud, "¿Ya es hora de tocar?"This educational audiovisual novella presents the story of a traditional Mexican family that is struggling to figure out what is wrong when the patriarch of the family starts to forget things. The video, produced by the USC Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, is adapted from a fotonovela also created at USC. (The fotonovela, a traditionally Latino format, is a dramatic story presented in a pamphlet using photographs and dialogue bubbles). The audiovisual novella is available in English as “Forgotten Memories: There’s Something Wrong with Memo” and in Spanish as “Recuerdos Olvidados: Algo le pasa a Memo.”

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USC Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center
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