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Effectiveness of a Community Research Registry to Recruit Minority and Underserved Adults for Health Research

This study examined the feasibility of recruiting minority and underserved adults from a community research registry. Study staff attended health fairs to invite adults to join the registry, then examined rates of successful contact, scheduling, and participation for studies that used the registry. Non‐Hispanic whites were less likely than Hispanics to be interested in joining a research study, but among those scheduling an appointment, participation did not differ by race/ethnicity. The authors concluded that community research registries are a feasible and efficient method for recruiting minority and underserved adults and may address disparities in access to and participation in health research.

Bishop WP, Tiro JA, Sanders JM, et al. Effectiveness of a community research registry to recruit minority and underserved adults for health research. Clinical and Translational Science 2015;8(1):82-84.

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