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Does Modification to the Approach to Contacting Potential Participants Improve Recruitment to Clinical Trials?

In this article, researchers explored two different approaches during a 6-month process of recruiting 212 individuals to an observational study. For the first 3 months, prospective participants received a phone call in which a member of the research team explained the study and invited them to participate. These participants received an information sheet by mail, and the study was re-addressed at the patient’s clinic appointment, at which the patient was formally invited to participate. In the second 3 months of recruitment, participants were invited to join the study by mail and they were first spoken to by a study investigator in the clinic, when they were formally invited to participate. Researchers found a significant improvement in recruitment rate among participants that had been in phone contact with researchers prior to clinic attendance, compared with participants who did not receive an initial phone call.

Sawhney V, Graham A, Campbell N, et al. Does modification to the approach to contacting potential participants improve recruitment to clinical trials? Journal of Clinical Medicine Research 2014;6(5):384-387.

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