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A Digital Decision Support Tool to Enhance Decisional Capacity for Clinical Trial Consent: Design and Development

This paper describes the design and development process of a tablet-based decision support tool to enhance shared decision making and decisional capacity for those with Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) participating in the informed consent process. FXS is a genetically related condition that causes developmental problems and is associated with cognitive impairment. The process is presented as a model for creating more interactive and accessible decision support resources. According to the authors, the tablet-based decision support tool “speaks to the potential benefits an interactive tool can provide for those making trial participation decisions, regardless of cognitive ability.”

Furberg RD, Ortiz AM, Moultrie RR, et al. A digital decision support tool to enhance decisional capacity for clinical trial consent: Design and development. Journal of Medical Internet Research, Research Protocols 2018;7(6):e10525.

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