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A Conceptual Framework for Barriers to the Recruitment and Retention of Rural CVD Participants in Behavior Intervention Trials

Rural residents diagnosed with cardiovascular disease (CVD) or with CVD-related risks are underrepresented in behavioral intervention trials. This literature review condensed the evidence and developed a conceptual framework of interlinked, multi-level factors affecting participation. In addition to contextual factors (i.e. patient, community and research levels), common factors impacting rural patients’ intent to enroll included lack of awareness and understanding about behavioral trials, limited support from their healthcare providers and social circles, unfavorable attitudes, and the lack of opportunity. According to the authors, the conceptual framework suggests that researchers should identify and address barriers to participation before conducting studies in rural communities.

Young L, Montgomery M, Barnason S, et al. A conceptual framework for barriers to the recruitment and retention of rural CVD participants in behavior intervention trials. Global Science and Technology Forum Journal of Nursing and Health Care 2015;2(2):19-24.

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