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Communicating Effectively About Clinical Trials with African American Communities: A Comparison of African American and White Information Sources and Needs

A telephone survey of 511 people in one Southern state explored the communication sources and perceived effective communication channels and strategies through which African Americans and White individuals receive clinical trial information. Compared with White individuals, African Americans reported being exposed to more clinical trial information and received information most often through television, social media, and doctors. Perceived effectiveness of communication strategies and channels varied, with African Americans preferring information distributed through faith-based organizations and White individuals preferring information through a source they saw as trustworthy (e.g., doctor). There were no significant differences between the two groups in their perceived effectiveness of media sources (e.g., the Internet). Recommendations are offered for tailoring information and communicating it effectively to prospective African American and White clinical trial participants.

Tanner A, Bergeron CD, Zheng Y, et al. Communicating effectively about clinical trials with African American communities: A comparison of African American and White information sources and needs. Health Promotion Practice 2016;17(2):199-208.

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