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Cerebrospinal Fluid Collection Videos (Knight ADRC)

Cerebrospinal Fluid Collection ProcedureThree videos, each about 3 minutes long, from the Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (Knight ADRC) at Washington University in St. Louis present information on the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) collection procedure used in research studies.

  • “Part 1: Donating Cerebrospinal Fluid–A Profound Gift” provides background on Alzheimer’s disease, the toll the disease takes on patients and their families, the Knight ADRC, and the research the organization is conducting.
  • “Part 2: Cerebrospinal Fluid: A Window into the Brain” explains in simple language what CSF is, what proteins researchers are looking for in CSF, and how information from CSF samples, along with other test information, helps advance Alzheimer’s disease research.
  • “Part 3: The Procedure” explains what participants can expect during the procedure and reviews common risks. Study participants also share their experiences of participating in this procedure.

Each video ends with a card that hyperlinks to the Knight ADRC Participation in Research Inquiry Form.

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Knight Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, Washington University, St. Louis
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