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Caregiving in the Latino Community Infographic (Stanford ADRC)

Infographic with an elderly woman, a family, a house, a caregiver, an ambulance, and a thumbs-upThis infographic from the Stanford Alzheimer's Disease Research Center presents illustrated images of people and facts about Latino caregivers. The facts are taken from the Evercare Study of Hispanic Family Caregiving in the U.S.: Findings from a National Study (2008).

The infographic makes the following points:

  • Latino caregivers are likely to be female (74%) and live with children or grandchildren; 25% are caring for someone with dementia.
  • Latino elders tend to live with relatives; almost 10% need help from another person for personal care.
  • 40% of working Latino caregivers reported they needed to take a leave of absence, change jobs, cut back hours or stop work entirely to take care of their loved one.
  • Latinos live longer than non-Latino whites, but their health tends to be worse.
  • Good news:
    • 88% feel fulfilled in their caregiving role
    • 49% are very satisfied with their social life
    • 82% have family who share the caregiving

The infographic is not available through ADORE. For more information, contact the Stanford ADRC.


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Stanford Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
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