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Brain Donation Participant Videos

Two 4-minute videos from the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (WADRC) were created to promote brain donation to the Wisconsin Brain Donor Program. In the first video, "Brain Bank," an African-American volunteer talks about what motivated her to participate in a research study and why she is donating her brain to the program. She also talks about how the brain donation process works at WADRC. The video includes a statement from a researcher explaining how brain donations from volunteers who have also participated in research studies is particularly valuable. In the second video, "Brain Bank Family Story," family members of a person with Alzheimer’s discuss why they decided to participate in a trial and volunteered to be brain donors. The second video also addresses the benefit to families from receiving an autopsy report after their family member has donated his or her brain. Each video ends with information on how donors can contact the Wisconsin Brain Donor Program.

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Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
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