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Barriers to Clinical Trial Participation: A Comparison of Rural and Urban Communities in South Carolina

A telephone survey was conducted with rural and urban residents in South Carolina to examine potential barriers to participation in clinical trials. The survey explored structural and procedural barriers (e.g., limited accessibility) and cognitive and psychological barriers (e.g., fear, distrust). Findings indicated that there were no significant differences between rural and urban residents in their willingness to participate in a clinical trial. However, rural residents were more likely to perceive limited access to clinical trial sites and lack of awareness of available trials. Rural residents also indicated greater lack of knowledge about clinical trials. Distrust and fear were also important barriers in shaping respondents' willingness to participate.

Kim SH, Tanner A, Friedman DB, et al. Barriers to clinical trial participation: A comparison of rural and urban communities in South Carolina. Journal of Community Health 2014;39(3):562-571.

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