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Arizona Alzheimer's Registry: Strategy and Outcomes of a Statewide Research Recruitment Registry

The goals of the Arizona Alzheimer's Registry were to increase awareness of Alzheimer's disease research among adults age 18 and older and to accelerate enrollment into clinical studies sponsored by the Arizona Alzheimer's Consortium. Participation was by open invitation. Earned media was the most effective recruitment strategy. More than 1,000 people consented and underwent an initial cognitive screening.

The Registry created an infrastructure and process to screen and refer a high volume of eager potential participants. These methods were effective at prescreening individuals for studies, which facilitated recruitment. The Registry served as the prototype for the web-based Alzheimer's Prevention Registry, a national registry focusing on Alzheimer's disease prevention research.

Saunders KT, Langbaum JB, Holt CJ, et al. Arizona Alzheimer's Registry: Strategy and outcomes of a statewide research recruitment registry. Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease 2014;1(2):74-79.

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