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Alzheimer Disease Clinical Trial Recruitment: Does Participation in a Brief Cognitive Screen at a Community Health Fair Promote Research Engagement?

This study explored whether community health fair attendees who engaged in a brief cognitive screen were more likely to enroll in research than attendees who did not complete the screen. Of 483 health fair attendees who were tracked for 1 year after the event, 364 attendees expressed interest in research and 126 completed a brief cognitive screen. Screen completers had a 2.5-fold increase in eligibility for clinical studies/trials compared with non-screen completers. However, when limited only to participants who stated an interest in research, this difference was no longer significant.

Barber JM, Bardach SH, Jicha GA. Alzheimer disease clinical trial recruitment: Does participation in a brief cognitive screen at a community health fair promote research engagement? Alzheimer's Disease and Associated Disorders 2018 Oct-Dec;32(4):333-338.

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