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African Americans and Clinical Research: Evidence Concerning Barriers and Facilitators to Participation and Recruitment Recommendations

This study examined barriers and facilitators to clinical research participation among African Americans. Researchers conducted 8 focus groups consisting of community members and community leaders (64 total), including clergy, community healthcare providers, and service providers who may influence people’s decision to participate in research. The most common barriers to participation included fear and mistrust of research due to such factors as lack of information about research and prevailing knowledge of historical occurrences. Facilitators to participation included intrinsic factors, such as a desire to help others, and extrinsic factors, such as familiarity with the research recruiter. Strategies discussed that might improve recruitment included the importance of providing personal stories that enable community members to understand the potential benefits of research.

Hughes TB, Varma VR, Pettigrew C, Albert MS. African Americans and clinical research: Evidence concerning barriers and facilitators to participation and recruitment recommendations. The Gerontologist 2017;57(2), 348-358.

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