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Advisory Board (Penn Memory Center)

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide the Penn Memory Center/Penn Healthy Brain Research Center with candid guidance, advice, and critiques. Its goal is to ensure that "our research and dissemination efforts reflect our region’s multicultural makeup and that we raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and brain health in the communities of Philadelphia, with a particular focus on the African American community." Board members are expected to:

  • Know and understand the goal and mission of the Penn Memory Center/Penn Healthy Brain Research Center
  • Attend biannual board meetings
  • Advise the research team on outreach and recruitment strategies that are culturally sensitive
  • Support the recruitment and retention of research subjects
  • Review and comment on print, video, and other materials used for education, outreach, and research recruitment
  • Review research protocols being considered
  • Serve as a community ambassador and advocate for Alzheimer's disease and brain health in Philadelphia
  • Provide strategies for building community relations to enhance research participation and programming in the African-American community
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Penn Memory Center, University of Pennsylvania
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