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Media Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I arrange an interview with an NIA scientific expert or grant recipient?

Contact the NIA communications office at 301-496-1752 or

How can I get permission to reprint text from the NIA website and publications?

Publications produced by the NIA are in the public domain. Permission to use NIA materials is not required. If you use our materials in print, on the web, or in a video or audio format, we request that you credit the National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health. Also, please let us know! We are happy to see how our information is being passed along to others.

How can I get permission to use images from the NIA website? Do you have scientific images that I can use?

Stock photos on the NIA website may not be reproduced without permission. Please contact the NIA communications office for photos of some senior staff and scientific images for selected studies.

Where can I find statistics about older people?

Although the NIA does not compile statistical information, the following federal resources might be helpful:

Can the NIA arrange for me to interview someone participating in an NIA-funded study?

Although the NIA cannot directly arrange such interviews, we can often refer you to grant recipients or organizations who work directly with older people in communities.

Does the NIA have remote audio and video studios?

Yes. Contact the NIA communications office about using the NIH ReadyCam studio.

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