NIH steps up efforts on clinical research awareness

June 15, 2012

A new section of the NIH website—NIH Clinical Research Trials and You—is designed to help the public and the practicing medical community understand the importance of clinical research and encourage them to participate in a clinical trial or study. The site offers information for people with particular diseases and health conditions, as well as for those who would like to participate as healthy volunteers.

The site emphasizes the importance of clinical research to medical progress, disease prevention, and improved health. It features videos of volunteers explaining why they chose to participate in a trial and researchers describing why they are involved in clinical research. Links to Clinical and Research help visitors find and volunteer for clinical trials in their area.

Materials for researchers and clinicians are also available. These include information on talking to patients about clinical trials, how to refer a patient to a trial, and downloadable promotional posters, flyers, and slides, including specific materials on Alzheimer’s disease. Additional resources about children in clinical studies, information for older adults, and materials in Spanish can also be accessed on the site.

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