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Workshop on biological damage and aging

The Longevity Consortium
National Institute of Aging

Aging, particularly in long-lived species, involves the accumulation of damage to molecules, cellular structures, and tissue. Some is irreparable and may limit functional lifespan. The premise of the Workshop is that aging-related biological damage has not been well characterized, particularly in humans. Studies in humans with some parallel studies in a range of animal species are underway that offer opportunities to measure an array of markers of biological damage. The goals of the Workshop are to describe the types of molecular damage that occurs in humans – and animals – with aging and how they can be measured; in addition, the workshop will propose specific assays to be done in the ongoing studies.

Join via web.
Enter meeting ID: 593 662 145
Telephone: US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 558 8656

The agenda for the meeting is below:

Introduction and overview

9:00am Goals and introductions (Steven Cummings)

9:15am "Big picture: potential role of damage in human aging" (Stephen Kritchevsky)

9:30am "Damage to, and by, small molecules – and its repair" (Andrew Hanson)

10:00am "The relationship between damage and aging" (Vadim Gladyshev)

10:30 Break


10:45am "Omics approaches for aging research" (J. Pedro Magalhaes)

11:15am "Proteome damage and aging" (Steven Clarke)

11:45am "Measurements of protein post translational modifications to elucidate damage" (Rob Moritz)

12:15pm Lunch (ordered in, paid for by the individual attendees) and discussions

Metabolites and metabolomics

1:00pm "Metabolite damage" (Emile Van Shaftigen)

1:30pm "Measuring damage by metabolomics" (Oliver Fiehn)

Acquired genomic damage

2:00pm "Clonal hematopoesis and aging-associated disease" (Ken Walsh)

2:30pm "Mitochondrial DNA damage" (Greg Tranah)


3:00pm "Damage repair and stress resistance and long-lived mice" (Rich Miller)

Near-term opportunities in human studies

3:30pm "Analyses and assays in the Longevity Consortium" (Oliver Fiehn, Eric Orwoll, Nik Schork)

3:45pm "Opportunities in the SOMMA Study" (Steven Cummings, Stephen Kritchevsky)

4:00pm "Opportunities in other NIA studies" (Nalini Raghavachari, Evan Hadley)

4:15pm Adjourn